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Ranking Every Eeveelution In Pokemon

Always a popular Pokemon, Eevee is a favorite of many trainers due to its plethora of evolutions. Eevee, along with its three original evolutions, was first introduced in the Gen 1 games. The second, fourth, and sixth generations have each brought new “Eeveelutions” to the table. It's been quite a few years since Sylveon rounded out the eight-pack, but there's always a chance for us to one day see a ninth and more.

While each evolution starts out the same, some tend to become more useful than others. It's not a matter of popularity, but rather, of how useful a given Eeveelution can be in battle. Stat distribution, learnable moves, typing benefits, and more — all must be evaluated if we are to arrive at a ranked list of the best to worst Eeveelutions.

Before we begin, a merry reminder: every Eeveelution is precious and wonderful and means the world to at least some fans. Don't let our strength rankings make it seem like we've forgotten that!

Updated on February 13th, 2022 by Quinton O'Connor: The world may change, but Eeveelutions are forever. (Surely, someone's said that before.) We're re-evaluating the list in light of newer strategies brought about by games like Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as well as the reigning online battling champion, Sword & Shield.

8 Glaceon

Even among the other Eeveelutions, Glaceon often stands out as absolutely adorable. And it's not so statistically dire that it's inadvisable in the single-player campaign. Indeed, the bunny-eared little Ice-type is perfectly viable for many mainline storylines. Its Defense stat is quite solid, and its Special Attack is outstanding.

So, what's not to love? On the flip side, Glaceon doesn’t have great HP or Speed. Both have a base of 65, which really can't be spun; it's not a good number. Glaceon's high Defense is somewhat less impressive by proxy, and that fragility, paired with the fact that Ice is relatively fragile as a rule, means you really want the frosty fox to move first in battle. Alas.

7 Jolteon

Jolteon is a glass cannon. Jolteon has always been a glass cannon. Its HP is slim, its physical Defense is bad, and its Special Defense, while decent, remains unspectacular. But great Special Attack and truly exemplary Speed ensures that in almost every case, the Electric-type Eeveelution will score the first blow.

The purple pal is best served with the Ability called Magic Bounce, which will reflect certain status moves back at the opponent. Espeon still can't get over every hill; its weak defenses may be traditional among most Eeveelutions, but it's a downside nonetheless. Still, there's plenty to like here.

3 Sylveon

Happy, perky, and covered in bizarre ribbons, Pokemon X & Y's Sylveon is still the newest entry to the Eevee family. It has enjoyed its coveted new-kid-on-the-block-status for over eight years and counting, which has probably made for some cranky siblings if we're being honest here.

Sylveon is slow. Glacially so. Once again, three stats in all are in the red; Attack and Defense aren't much better. What makes up for it this go-around? It's all about Double and Triple Battles. That's not to say Sylveon can't hold its own in Singles, but it shines as the rare healer-like Pokemon with access to moves like Heal Bell to cure the team's status conditions and Hyper Voice to dish decent damage to a full enemy party. And don't forget Moonblast for STAB, of course.

As Eeveelutions tend to go, Sylveon's movepool is also pretty spiffy. Mystical Fire offers Fire-type coverage, while Psyshock does the same for Psychic. Nice one, this new kid.

2 Leafeon

No one has ever called Leafeon "Beefeon," at least not to our knowledge, but it wouldn't be far off from the truth if they did. In contrast to most of its family, Leafeon's Defense is terrific. A bad HP stat once again rears its ugly head to diminish the audience's cheers, making the Grass-type Eeveelution quite situational.

How, then, is it one of the very best of the bunch? Those situations may be niche, but the number of Pokemon to help handle them is even more niche. Leafeon is a physical "wallbreaker"{ with that 110 Attack stat, capable of breaking the bounds of seemingly boundless Blissey with powerful moves like Leaf Blade and X-Scissor. Thanks to its aforementioned Defense, it will endure much of what those walls will throw at it in the meantime.

Blissey and like-minded stallers can crack the hull of many a player's teams. The unexpected Leafeon will throw a wrench into the proceedings.

1 Umbreon

Umbreon is the only Eeveelution that can safely be described as a tank. No asterisks are involved here — even its HP is 95. Defense is 110, which is nifty. Special Defense is 130, which is, you know, superb.

It's easy to look at that 65 on Attack and Special Attack, on the other hand, and walk away posthaste. That would be a mistake. Leafeon is built to break walls, so needless to say, walls exist for a reason. Umbreon is among their ranks and a not-insignificant member at that. Its bulk can block serious threats like Chandelure and Polteageist from decimating your squad.

Be sure to give Umbreon Foul Play. Offensively, the shady darling is otherwise almost worthless; Foul Play, however, takes the opponent's Attack stat into account rather than the user's. Common foes like Darmanitan can be put through the wringer in this manner. Fill out the active moveset with stall buffs like Wish and Protect to maximize this best Eeveelution's greatest contributions.

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