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PUBG Player Gets 16-Kill Win Using Drive-By Pistol

PUBG is now Twisted Metal, and it is glorious.

After the recent 9.2 patch went live on PC, players have been able to shoot sidearms and drive at the same time. Previously driving a vehicle alone left you very vulnerable, as you were extremely loud, unable to shoot back, and often exposed. Reddit user awmaLLama shows that the latest patch throws that out the window.

Armed with the right vehicle, weapon, and skill, you can now become Mad Max incarnate and lay waste to the other players who dare to step foot on Erangel with you.

There’s almost zero recoil on pistols when driving, which may be something that is adjusted in the future, but there were many instances in this clip where awmaLLama should have died. Fortunately, they ran into a few potato-aimers and managed to dispatch them without dying before moving on to their next victim.

Patch 9.2 added plenty of new content to the game to make this happen, like the single-seater dirt bikes, which are much better at off-roading than the alternative bikes and have the best acceleration with the trade-off being a lower max speed. You can also manually disengage the clutch when handbraking to keep your momentum. Sidearms have also been buffed across the board, with improved damage multipliers, accuracy, and in some cases damage and bullet velocity. Also, be sure to have your pistol ready to engage other drivers as you run into them, there’s nothing worse than being caught unarmed as someone rolls up alongside you.

If you’ve not tried PUBG in a while, you might be shocked at how much it has improved with each subsequent patch, especially on PC. So if you are on the fence about jumping back in, and are wondering if it will scratch that battle royale itch like it used to, install it and give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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