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PSA: God Of War Ragnarok Spoilers Have Already Started Spreading

The time is nigh, folks – what appears to be late-game God of War Ragnarok spoilers have started hitting the internet more than a week before the official launch.

In just under two weeks, God of War Ragnarok finally launches after years of anticipation and speculation. Although fans of the series are nearly at the finish line, it's about to get a lot harder to be excited about the game on the internet as some pretty spoiler-filled videos have started popping up on social media.

We obviously won't be linking to the spoilers or hosting them here, but having seen some of the story spoilers crop up myself, I can confirm that it's stuff we've not heard or seen anything about and definitely things you don't want to be spoiled on. Some of the leaks show things that we knew about but in much more extended detail and with added context, so it's really not worth taking even a brief peek to see what awaits.

They all seem to be originating from one Twitter account (although they're also popping up on Reddit now), so it's not clear if it's a review copy of the game or if a retailer broke street date, but there's no evidence of a physical copy so it appears to be the former. As of the time of writing, the Twitter account spreading the spoilers is still active and none of the videos have been taken down, so it's not clear if Sony knows about the leak or not yet. They likely won't be

Meanwhile, if you want spoiler-free impressions of the first five hours of God of War Ragnarok, you can check out our preview where features editor Eric Switzer said that it was "almost indistinguishable from God of War 2018, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing". We've also got a feature specifically focusing on the combat and taking a deep dive into all the advancements that Ragnarok makes to the system.

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