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PS5’s DualSense Is Now Compatible With Your iPhone, But Still Won’t Work On A PS4

The latest iOS update makes associated Apple devices compatible with the PS5’s DualSense as well as Xbox Series X/S controllers.

Apple is rolling out the latest iOS and iPadOS system updates this week. Update 14.5 comes with a number of new features. However, the most exciting feature added to the devices this week, at least for those who use their devices to play video games, is the ability to connect them to next-gen console controllers.

Both the PS5’s DualSense and the Xbox Series X/S’s controllers can now be used to play games on iPhones and iPad. Providing the device has the new 14.5 update downloaded and installed, of course. The update comes just in time for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who plan on using its incoming cloud gaming feature to make the most of the subscription service on an Apple device.

Microsoft invited players to a cloud gaming beta last week as it took the next step towards rolling it out for everyone interested in using the handy feature. As for PlayStation, the addition of DualSense compatibility to Apple devices means both the PS5 controller and the PS4’s DualShock can now be used to play games on iPhones and iPad. PlayStation’s own PS4, on the other hand, remains out in the cold.

Prior to the PS5 even hitting the market, the very first players to get their hands on the DualSense revealed the new controller is not compatible with a PS4. Odd, and maybe even a little bit annoying for some. The controller’s inability to work a PS4 became even more frustrating when it was discovered that it does work on a PS3. Now it works on devices not connected to PlayStation at all, while the PS4 looks on, more confused than ever.

The confusing decision to not pair up the DualSense with the PS4 aside, its compatibility with iOS devices is very good news. As is the news that Xbox’s new-gen controllers can now be used with Apple hardware. That Xbox’s compatibility makes more sense and is handier than PlayStation’s is another check in the former’s win column, as is the ability to use those controllers on an Xbox One without issue.

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