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PS5 start-up sound and UI reveal due this week teases Burger King ad

Sony are using Burger King to trail the long-awaited reveal of the PS5’s interface and dashboard, as well as its start-up noise.

At times it’s felt like getting blood out of a stone but, just less than a month before its US and Japanese launch, we finally know more or less everything about the PlayStation 5 – except what it looks and sounds like when you turn it on.

Plenty of games have been shown running on the console but there’s never been a good look at its user interface, which didn’t change much between the PlayStation 3 and 4 but is rumoured to have undergone a major overhaul this time round.

Sony hasn’t said anything about a reveal but the short video below from Burger King seems to be teasing just that, with the chain’s mascot opening a bag that has a blue light shining out of it and makes a noise that seems to be the PlayStation 5’s start-up sound.

That’s not the only time the sound has been heard, as it was also played during the June games reveal event – although Sony never confirmed what it was.

It can also be heard in this leaked video of what purports to be someone turning on the console for the first time, which all starts to seem pretty conclusive.

Whatever’s going on with the Burger King video it ends with the date October 15 and while there’s no explanation for what’s going to happen then a reveal of the UI does seem the most obvious guess.

What Burger King has to do with any of this doesn’t have any good answer other than Sony obviously has some kind of marketing deal with them, just as Microsoft has with Taco Bell for the Xbox Series X/S.

Although in a typical example of the difficulty Xbox has playing to a global audience, Microsoft has managed to pick the only major fast food chain that isn’t commonplace outside of the US.


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