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PS5 price and pre-order update: Bad news for PlayStation fans hoping for reveal soon

PS5 release date is fast approaching, with only a few months left till the PS4 successor is expected to launch. The PS5 has a confirmed release window of holiday 2020, with leaks seemingly pointing towards a November release. If that’s the case then the PS5 and Xbox Series X look like they’ll be launching very closely together as they go head-to-head for sales at the start of the next generation.

As we approach the launch of these new consoles from Sony and Microsoft we keep on getting more and more info, but there’s still plenty gamers want to hear.

The June PS5 reveal event outlined tonnes of details about the next generation PlayStation, including reveals for upcoming games and the console’s design itself.

While just earlier this week the first official PS5 advert was revealed by Sony, and devs gave an insight into cool ways they’ll be using the DualSense controller.

The PS5 joypad boasts adaptive haptic triggers, which will lead to lots of innovative new features.

One of these features will be seen in upcoming shooter Deathloop – when the gun jams in-game the triggers on the DualSense will lock up too, which is a nice touch.

But while news on the PS5 keeps on getting revealed, there is something that hasn’t been announced that fans are eager to know – the price and pre-order details.

It had been thought that Sony were planned on holding another PS5 event in August where they could reveal more games heading to their next-generation system.

And while that may still be the case, but there is reason to believe the PS5 price and pre-order information could come after that.

That’s because, according to the rumour mill, Microsoft has delayed the Xbox event they had planned for in August till September.

This event is believed to unveil the heavily rumoured Xbox Series S console, which is codenamed Lockhart.

This is believed to be an entry-level next-gen gaming system which will have less powerful specs than the Series X and PS5 and not be capable of 4K gaming.

But the offshoot to this is it could come in at a considerably cheaper price tag than both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The Series S is rumoured to be priced as low as $299, and the price tag of this console could seriously impact Sony’s pricing for the PS5.

As we all know, last time around when the PS4 and Xbox One first launched Sony managed to undercut Microsoft’s price by $100.

This, along with mixed messaging surrounding initial plans for used games and online features, led to Sony carving out an early lead – which they never looked back on.

Microsoft won’t want the same thing to happen next time around, and could be looking to give Sony a taste of their own medicine with the Series S.

While Sony wouldn’t want the tables to turn on them and find themselves in the same position Microsoft were when they launched the Xbox One back in 2013.

So it seems both parties are waiting for the other to blink first when it comes to announcing the price of their box, so that they can respond accordingly.

If the next Xbox event, as rumoured, is happening in September then Sony may wait for that before revealing the PS5 price – even if an August PS5 event is planned too.

We’ll have to wait and see to find out, but Sony has hinted that more PS5 news will be coming in the next few weeks.

At the bottom of a recent blog post they said: “We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.”

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