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Prime Day 2020 Nintendo Switch Deals: What To Expect

Up until the past year or so, deals on Nintendo products haven’t been nearly as prevalent as PlayStation and Xbox savings, which has made annual sale events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday less than stellar for Nintendo fans. Nowadays, we’re seeing plenty of Nintendo deals, and you can expect to see even more next week during Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Amazon Prime Day runs for 48 hours starting Tuesday, October 13 at midnight PT / 3 AM ET. While some early Prime Day deals are available now, none of them feature video games, let alone the Nintendo Switch. That said, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see some significant discounts on Switch games and accessories. There’s also a chance we’ll see discounts or bundle deals for the Nintendo Switch console itself.

We’ll update this article with the best Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals as they become available. Keep in mind that Prime Day typically has a ton of lightning deals that are only available for short intervals, so you’ll want to check back frequently during the event.

In the meantime, we’ve broken down what to expect on the Nintendo Switch front during Prime Day 2020. In addition to Amazon’s deals, other retailers like Target and Walmart have announced competing anti-Prime Day sales that are sure to feature Nintendo Switch deals. And if you’re shopping Prime Day deals for holiday gifts, don’t forget to check out our Nintendo Switch gift guide.

Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite deals

Considering that the Nintendo Switch has been in and out of stock all year, there’s no guarantee we’ll see deals on the console itself during Prime Day. Last year, we saw several deals, though. The Switch was $265 on Ebay during Prime Day. Amazon gave away $35 of eShop credit with the purchase of a Switch. And Walmart had a bundle that let you pick one of four first-party games and a carrying case for $329.

We’ll have to wait and see if retailers create new bundles this year, or if there will be any straight-up discounts. It is worth noting that if you’re in the market for a Nintendo Switch, the special-edition Animal Crossing console is currently in stock at Amazon.

Nintendo Switch game deals

Nintendo Switch game deals will be interesting to watch this year. Lately, we’ve been seeing a bunch of first-party titles discounted to $50–and stay at $50 for a long time. We’ve also seen more regular discounts down to $40 or $45 for games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Last year on Prime Day, the most popular Switch games were discounted to $40 or above, with many of them at $50.

This could go one of two ways: Either first-party Switch games are discounted to all-time lowest prices, or they are simply on sale for prices that we’ve seen throughout the year. For instance, we already know Walmart will discount Super Mario Party to $40 during its sale, so we can expect more first-party games to be down to at least that price. As always, Amazon will undoubtedly match competitor prices during Prime Day.

We’ll be most interested in seeing the potential deals on 2020 Switch games like Paper Mario: The Origami King and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which haven’t gone for less than $50 since launch. You can also expect to see plenty of third-party game deals.

Nintendo Switch accessory deals

Plenty of Nintendo Switch accessories are practically must-haves, including a carrying case, screen protector, microSD card, and extra controllers. First-party Nintendo Switch controllers are generally quite pricey, with a pair of Joy-Con costing $80 and the Switch Pro controller going for $70.

If last year’s Prime Day sale is any indication, you can expect to see some great deals on accessories. Joy-Con were discounted to $60 last year, which is the best price since the Switch launched more than three years ago. Pro controllers were also $20 off at just $50. Hopefully we’ll see both of these deals return. Of course, we’ll also see a ton of third-party accessory deals. If you’re in the market for a carrying case or high-capacity microSD card, you’ll want to check out the deals on Prime Day.

Nintendo Switch Online Prime Day 2020 deals

We already know of one deal for Nintendo Switch Online. Amazon will bundle a 12-month family subscription ($35) and a SanDisk 128GB microSD card for 36% off. We assume it will be the officially licensed microSD card, which would bring the total price to $44.80, down from $70. We’ll have to wait and see if we see discounts on standalone family or individual memberships. Target offered individual memberships for $15 during Black Friday last year, but in general, Switch Online deals are rare.

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