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Potion Permit: How To Romance Rue

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Potion Permit is one of the best games for those seeking a relaxing gaming experience. This 8-bit adventure takes you to the island of Moonbury, where you'll make friends, cure people brewing potions, explore, and, who knows, maybe even find love.

This game has six eligible bachelors (three bachelors and three bachelorettes) you can befriend to try and win their hearts. In this guide, we will walk you through all the steps you need to do in order to romance Rue, the Mayor's daughter.

Who Is Rue?

Rue is Moonbury's Mayor's daughter and the whole reason you go to the island in the first place. She is terribly sick with a mysterious illness, so the Mayor contacted you as the last hope to heal her daughter.

This girl does not let her disease bring her down, and she is one of the most cheerful characters you will meet in Potion Permit. Rue wants to be a botanist, so all of her character's quests will revolve around flowers and plants.

How To Befriend Rue

When you first arrive in Moonbury, you will notice that the villagers are wary of you, so talking to anyone will be off the table. However, once you heal Rue for the first time, the people of Moonbury will let their guard down, allowing you to talk to them and fill up their friendship bar.

You can do two things to increase your friendship with Rue: talk to her or gift her Moon Cloves.

To talk to Rue, interact with her and choose the "chat" option to start a conversation. Once it's over, you will see the little friendship bar filling up. Keep in mind that you will only gain friendship points from talking to Rue once a day, so if you're interested in befriending her, you must speak to her every single day.

Moon Cloves are the fastest way to befriend Rue, as gifting them will fill up a considerable chunk of Rue's friendship bar.

You'll get Moon Cloves every time you successfully heal someone at the Clinic or by completing certain quests. To gift a Moon Clove to someone, just interact with a villager and choose the gift option to gift a Moon Clove to them.

If you want to know where Rue is faster, interact with your dog and choose the "find" command, so it can find her for you.

How To Romance Rue

To Romance Rue ⁠— or any of the other five dateable characters ⁠— you need to get her friendship to level 3 and complete all of her character's quests. Afterward, gift her a Moon Brooch, so she knows how you feel about her, and watch the cut scene that will play after.

Once the cut scene is over, you can go on dates with Rue once per day.

You will only be to date one character at a time, so make sure you think it through before giving the Moon Brooch to someone.

All Of Rue's Quests

Every time you increase Rue's friendship to a new level, you'll be able to complete a quest for her. There are three quests in total, once for every level.

You won't be able to keep increasing Rue's friendship until you have completed the quest associated with your current friendship level.

Rue's Quest #1 – "A Little Plant"

  • Requirement: Fill up Rue's friendship bar
  • How to trigger it: Go to the Mayor's House (in the southwest part of the town) any day between Tuesday and Sunday from 07:00 to 15:00.

Once you have maxed out Rue's level 1 friendship, you'll see a notice from her on the Bulletin Board asking anyone with "green fingers" to go to her house between 07:00 and 15:00.

Go to the Mayor's house (in the southwest part of town) and watch the cut scene to start this quest.

You will need to craft Soil Fertilizer during this quest to help Rue grow her flowers. To do so, go to your house and brew the potion using your cauldron, then deliver it to Rue to complete the quest and unlock her Friendship Level 2.

You will need to fill up 13 squares in your cauldron, and you'll be able to use all types of materials.

Rue's Quest #2 – "Red Seeds"

  • Requirement: Max out Rue's Level 2 Friendship
  • How to trigger it: Go to the Mayor's House (in the southwest part of the town) any day of the week between 07:00 to 15:00.

After filling Rue's friendship bar for a second time, she will post another notice on the Bulletin Board. Just like in the last one, this notice tell you to go to the Mayor's home from 7:00 to 15:00.

Once you get there, you'll be tasked with getting Red Orchid Seeds, so Rue can grow some red flowers.

Red Orchid Seeds can be found in the Glaze Iceberg (which you'll unlock after fixing the cable car located northwest of Meadow Range).

The Red Orchid Seeds are barely poking out of the snowy ground, so you'll need to keep your eyes wide open to spot them.

Collect three Red Orchid Seeds and head back to Rue's house to complete the quest.

Rue's Quest #3 – "A Floral Gift"

  • Requirement: Max out Rue's Level 3 Friendship
  • How to trigger it: Go to the Mayor's House (in the southwest part of the town) any day of the week between 07:00 to 15:00.

After maxing out Rue's friendship bar for the third time, she'll post another notice on the Bulletin Board. This time Rue wants you to go check the flowers the two of you have been growing together.

Once you get there, Rue will notify you that she wants to put the flowers in a vase. Fortunately, Reyner is skilled enough to make one for you, but you will need to give him some materials first.

To make the vase, you will need to gather the following materials.

Savoury-Tasting SapsThese drop from the big trees in the Barren Wasteland area.Ten
Dark CrystalsThese drop from the Koblin Generals located in the Barren Wasteland area.Ten
Gold NuggetsYou can get these from the small rocks found in the Barren Wasteland area.Ten

After gathering all the materials, give them to Reyner, and he'll tell you to pick up the vase the next day in the Bulk and Build between 8:00 and 15:00.

Go there to complete the quest.

Rue's Quest #4 – "A Promise to Keep"

  • Requirements: Complete all of Rue's friendship quests.
  • How to trigger it: Gift Rue a Moon Brooch

Once you have completed all three of Rue's friendship quests, all you need to do is gift her a Moon Brooch to seal the deal.

You can buy the brooch from Silky Stitch Tailor for five Moon Cloves. Buy one and gift it to Rue to unlock dating. Time won't pass during dates, and you will do activities around town with Rue. Keep in mind that you can only take her on a date once per day.

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