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Portal RTX Adds Random Half-Life Easter Eggs To Cameras And Radios

Portal RTX is a free remaster from Valve and Nvidia that adds ray-tracing and updated textures, but there are some other secrets that fans have started to uncover, like hidden QR codes taking people to a Google search of "blackmesa".

If you flip the radio in the starting room upside down, you'll see one such QR code on the bottom. @halfsamuel shared this on Twitter, sparking others to reveal that they had found similar QR codes on the back of cameras (ones that pointed to Half-Life) and in a Ratman hideout that had an RTX 4090 inside of it. He really was ahead of the times.

Another one can be found inside of the incinerator, however, "the fog effect [prevents you] from scanning". Most are taking people to Half-Life-related subjects, but one of the QR codes leads to omniversekits, which if you Google, takes you to a Portal RTX Steam thread asking what the hell omniversekits is. Meta, eh? It's unclear what all this is for, but speculation is running rampant as it always does in the Half-Life community. Some think it's an ARG hinting to Half-Life getting a similar RTX remaster from Nvidia and Valve, while others think it's nothing more than silly fun.

In the tweet embedded above, you can see the QR code on the radio. It's not exactly hidden away, so you can easily grab it, scan it, and be plopped into Google aimlessly. Just don't tell Cave Johnson that Aperture employees are leaving Black Mesa breadcrumbs lying around. Oh wait, the verified Johnson himself popped up in the comments section. I'm sure it'll be fine.

While some theorise that this is all leading to Half-Life RTX, others are booting up Half-Life 2 maps in Portal RTX right now, giving it a ray-tracing lick of paint. However, since these maps haven't been optimised or tweaked to work with RTX, a lot of them are simply broken.

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