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Pokemon Unite: Super Suit Challenge Missions Guide

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Pokemon Unite is always hosting limited-time events, giving you the opportunity to complete tasks in exchange for unique and valuable in-game rewards. This continues with the game's latest season, Season 13; it brings a superhero-themed event, titled the Super Suit Challenge Missions Event.

This event will be taking place for a relatively short time compared past events that we have seen, only being available through January 13, 2023. This brief event presents you with different ways to earn and obtain several in-game rewards, so we've put together a complete guide to help you do exactly that.

Super Suit Challenge Missions

This portion of the event is relatively straightforward, requiring you to win multiple matches during this event window. You can make progress on this section of the event by winning any type of Pokemon Unite Battle, including Ranked Matches, Standard Matches, and Quick Matches.

There are four rewards that can earned through this portion of the event, tasking you with winning a total 12 Unite Battles if you wish to earn all available rewards. Below you can find each of these event rewards with the number of Unite Battles that you need to win in order to earn them.

Event Reward

Match Wins Required

200 Aeos Tickets


One Energy Boost Tank


30 Item Enhancers


One Extra-Energy Tank


Super Suit Log-In Bonus

Like other events brought to the game in the past, this portion of the event functions as a daily log-in bonus. For each day that you log in during this event, you will earn different rewards, all of which are in-game resources and currency items.

To earn all of these rewards, you will need to log in on a total of seven different days during this event window. Below you can find each of these rewards, with the number of daily log-ins required to earn them.

Daily Log-Ins

Reward Provided


  • 20 Aeos Tickets


  • 20 Aeos Tickets
  • 1-Day Battle Point Boost Card


  • 20 Aeos Tickets
  • 1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card


  • 20 Aeos Tickets
  • 3-Day Battle Point Boost Card


  • 20 Aeos Tickets
  • 3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card


  • 20 Aeos Tickets
  • 7-Day Battle Point Boost Card


  • 20 Aeos Tickets
  • Energy Boost Tank

Super Suit Ranked Match Challenge

This portion of the event only contains one challenge, providing you with three different rewards when completed. To complete this mission, you will have to win seven different Ranked Matches during the event window. Doing so will provide you with the following three in-game rewards:

  • 200 Aeos Tickets
  • One 7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card
  • One Energy Boost Tank (4x Speed)

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