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Pokemon Unite: Season 9 Battle Pass Guide

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Pokemon Unite moves into the ninth season since its debut; each season providing players with new features and content. Amongst these, the most notable is the introduction of a new Battle Pass. As with past Battles Passes, several challenges will be available to you. Complete them to progress the Battle Pass and earn several in-game rewards.

Music and band themed, the Season Nine Battle Pass offers many exclusive rewards. You'll get in-game currency, avatar cosmetics, Pokemon Holowear, and much more. Paying for the Premium Pass provides more rewards and challenges than the free alternative. As a result, knowing the benefits of each tier is necessary when deciding which route is best for you. Make sure to use the following information to make the right choice for you.

Battle Pass Price And Duration

The Season Nine Battle Pass will be active for a little over a month; concluding on September 1, 2022. You will need to complete any desired Battle Pass Missions and claim any available rewards prior to this — you will no longer be able to earn and redeem them once the Battle Pass window has closed.

As mentioned, there are two tiers offered: the standard free Battle Pass, and the paid-for Premium Battle Pass. The standard Battle Pass requires no payment, but only unlocks a portion of the rewards being offered. Alternatively, you can pay 490 Aeos Gems (roughly $7.99) to purchase the Premium Pass, granting you access to all 60 rewards.

Although you still get several rewards when opting for the standard free Battle Pass, it's important to note that these rewards mainly consist of in-game currency items. Other items, like avatar cosmetics and Pokemon Holowear, can only be acquired if you own the Premium Battle Pass.

Additionally, you can opt to acquire the Premium Pass Plus for 840 Aeos Gems — the next bundle of 1,220 Gems costs $19.99. This tier will not only unlock all 60 rewards like the Premium Pass, but will also provide you with 10 Battle Pass level-ups upon purchase. The rewards are the same, you just get a headstart on completing the Pass.

Battle Pass Missions

You will need to complete the Battle Pass Missions being offered to increase your Battle Pass level. Each mission completed will provide you with a set amount of Battle Pass Points; leveling up your Battle Pass each time you accumulate 100 Points. The requirements and difficulty of these missions vary; earning you more Battle Pass Points for the missions that require more time and effort.

There are three mission types that you can complete to increase your level; Daily, Weekly, and Season Missions. The Daily Battle Pass Missions are similar to other Daily missions found in the game, requiring you to complete a relatively simple in-game task. These missions will be replaced with new ones on a daily basis; requiring you to work on and complete these tasks efficiently if you wish to earn as many Battle Pass Points as possible.

There will be some Daily, Weekly, and Season Challenges that are marked as Premium Missions. You will only be able to complete these challenges if you own the Premium Battle Pass.

Weekly and Season Battle Pass Missions will require you to complete more in-depth and challenging tasks. Weekly Battle Pass Missions are replaced with new ones each weekly reset. On the other hand, Season Battle Pass Missions will be available throughout the entire duration of Pokemon Unite's Ninth Season.

These missions, their requirements, and the Battle Points that each of them provide upon their completion are provided below.

Season Battle Pass Missions
MissionCompletion Reward
Participate in one battle100 BP Points
Paricipate in two battles100 BP Points
Paricipate in five battles100 BP Points
Participate in 10 battles100 BP Points
Participate in 15 battles100 BP Points
Participate in 25 battles100 BP Points
Participate in 35 battles200 BP Points
Win one battle100 BP Points
Win two battles100 BP Points
Win five battles100 BP Points
Win seven battles100 BP Points
Win 10 battles100 BP Points
Win 13 battles100 BP Points
Score a total of 2,500 points200 BP Points
Log in a total of 21 days200 BP Points
Knock out Zapdos a total of 10 times200 BP Points
Make a total of 150 assists200 BP Points
Use a Unite Move 80 times (Premium Mission)150 BP Points

Battle Pass Rewards

There are 60 rewards that can be earned through progressing the Season Nine Battle Pass. Each of these rewards is paired with a different Battle Pass level; rewarding you with each item as you reach each of the 60 levels.

Each of these rewards is provided below; accompanied by the Battle Pass level it is unlocked and whether it is a Premium reward or not.

Battle Pass Rewards
1Songstress Style: WigglytuffPremium
2100 Aeos CoinsFree
330 Item EnhancersPremium
4150 Aeos TicketsFree
5Band Style FramePremium
615 Item EnhancersFree
78 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
8100 Aeos CoinsFree
930 Item EnhancersPremium
10Tuxedo Style: HeadwearPremium
1115 Item EnhancersFree
128 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
1315 Item EnhancersFree
14Band Style BackgroundPremium
1515 Item EnhancersFree
16300 Aeos TicketsPremium
17100 Aeos CoinsFree
188 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
1915 Item EnhancersFree
201st Anniversary Celebration ExpressionPremium
21150 Aeos TicketsFree
22300 Aeos TicketsPremium
2315 Item EnhancersFree
248 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
25100 Aeos CoinsFree
2630 Item EnhancersPremium
27150 Aeos TicketsFree
288 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
2915 Item EnhancersFree
30Tuxedo Set: ShoesPremium
3115 Item EnhancersFree
32300 Aeos TicketsPremium
3315 Item EnhancersFree
341st Anniversary Celebration StickerPremium
3515 Item EnhancersFree
368 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
37150 Aeos TicketsFree
38300 Aeos TicketsPremium
3915 Item EnhancersFree
401st Anniversary Celebration PosePremium
41150 Aeos TicketsFree
428 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
43150 Aeos TicketsFree
441st Anniversary Celebration StickerPremium
4515 Item EnhancersFree
46300 Aeos TicketsPremium
4715 Item EnhancersFree
488 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
49150 Aeos TicketsFree
50Tuxedo Set: Tops and BottomsPremium
5115 Item EnhancersFree
52300 Aeos TicketsPremium
5315 Item EnhancersFree
548 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
5515 Item EnhancersFree
56300 Aeos TicketsPremium
5715 Item EnhancersFree
588 Battle Pass Special TicketsPremium
5915 Item EnhancersFree
60Band Style: PikachuPremium

Once you have reached level 60 of the Season Nine Battle Pass, you will earn a Battle Pass Prize Box for each 130 Battle Pass Points. You can store up to 21 Prize Boxes without claiming (opening) them.

When opening a Battle Pass Prize Box, you can receive one of the following items, each varying in their chance to appear.

Battle Pass Prize Box Rewards
RewardDrop Chance
50 Aeos Tickets10%
80 Aeos Tickets6%
100 Aeos Tickets2%
2 Battle Pass Special Tickets40%
10 Battle Pass Special Tickets8%
20 Battle Pass Special Tickets2%
2 Holowear Tickets5%
5 Holowear Tickets2%
4 Fashion Tickets5%
10 Fashion Tickets2%
5 Item Enhancers10%
8 Item Enhancers6%
10 Item Enancers2%

Battle Pass Exchange Booth

With the Season Nine Battle Pass also comes the introduction of a new feature: the Exchange Booth. This allows you to exchange Battle Pass Special Tickets for rewards that were offered in past Battle Passes; as well as other useful in-game items.

Battle Pass Special Tickets can be acquired through the Battle Pass, both as a Premium Battle Pass Reward and as an item from the Battle Pass Prize Boxes.

The following items can be redeemed through the Battle Pass Exchange Booth.

Exchange Booth Items
ItemBP Special TicketsMax. Number of Exchanges
Captain Style: Cinderace1201
Space Style: Gengar1201
Hip-Hop Style: Pikachu401
Space Style: Lucario401
Space Set Outfit1001
Pikachu Set Outfit1001
Simple Set Outfit401
Kilt Set Outfit301
Vivid Set Outfit301
Gingham Set Outfit401
Pokemon Face Hat (Venusaur)301
Pokemon Face Hat (Pikachu)301
100 Aeos Tickets510
80 Aeos Coins105
Item Enhancer150
7-Day Battle Point Boost Card201
Energy Boost Tank201
3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card201
Fashion Ticket320
Holowear Ticket109

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