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Pokemon Unite: Best Held Items For Jungling

Pokemon Unite has proved to be a popular title since launch. The combination of an already incredibly popular IP and the MOBA-lite gameplay has created a hit game that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. And, just like any other MOBA, it has developed a pretty stable metagame when it comes to what Pokemon you should pick in any given situation.

Beyond picking the right Pokemon for a matchup, choosing the right items is just as important — if not even more so. Itemization differs depending on the Pokemon played, as well as the position that they take on the map. Pokemon played in the jungle position are very important for the team, since they can accumulate a lot of points while not exposing themselves to ganks. Any Pokemon can equip three Held Items, the choices of which are dependent on their role. Alongside these three they can also hold a single Battle Item, that will give some very useful utility but with pretty long cooldowns.

5 Float Stone

  • Level 10 – Attack +8; Movement Speed +40
  • Level 20 – Attack +16; Movement Speed +80
  • Level 30 – Attack +24; Movement Speed +120

Alongside these flat effects, Float Stone also gives a movement speed bonus (10/15/20 percent) when out of combat. This is the only Held Item that will increase your movement speed, making it a very important item for Pokemon that lack mobility.

When it comes to the jungle position, Float Stone will be incredibly helpful, since it shortens the time needed to reach your farming spots as well as trips back from base. Remember, the faster you can take out neutral Pokemon, the more time you will have to try and gank lanes or score goals.

4 Choice Specs

  • Level 10 – Special Attack +19
  • Level 20 – Special Attack +29
  • Level 30 – Special Attack +39

Choice Specs also give your Sp. Attack moves an increase in damage when they hit, by a minimum of 40/50/60. The higher the Sp. Attack the more damage you will receive from this buff. It also gives an additional 21 percent increase in damage, based on your total Sp. Attack stat.

These effects have an eight second cooldown, so using your moves wisely is very important. All of these damage bonuses will also only affect one enemy when hitting multiple targets with an AoE spell. It goes without saying that this item is only viable on Pokemon that focus on using their Sp. Attack moves instead of regular attacks.

3 Razor Claw

  • Level 10 – Attack +5; Critical Rate +1.1 percent
  • Level 20 – Attack + 10; Critical Rate +1.6 percent
  • Level 30 – Attack +15; Critical Rate +2.1 percent

One of the best basic attack items, the Razor Claw also increases your next basic attack by 10/15/20 damage whenever you use a move. This effect has a two second cooldown and will only last for two seconds, so make sure you use it whenever it's off cooldown. As an added bonus, this mechanic will also apply to auto attacks that are part of your moves. Melee Pokemon will also inflict a movement speed debuff with their attack when hitting an enemy Pokemon, making it easier to chase down your target.

While on the surface this looks like an item more suited for a laning Pokemon, it can do wonders in the jungle, especially on Pokemon that don't have a lot of attack damage to begin with. When used on a ranged hero, the slow debuff that it inflicts will allow you to efficiently kite Pokemon around in order to avoid taking damage.

2 Attack Weight

  • Level 10 – Attack +6
  • Level 20 – Attack +12
  • Level 30 – Attack +18

Besides boosting your basic attacks, the Attack Weight will also increase your Pokemon's Attack by 6/9/12 whenever you score a goal. This effect will stack up to six times throughout the game, meaning that with a level 30 item you could reach a maximum bonus of 72 damage. This item will feel right at home in the hands of most Attacker Pokemon.

This item is a great fit for a jungler, since you will always have plenty of Aeos energy on hand to score a quick goal. If your team is winning a lane decisively, you could even abuse this item's scoring mechanic by quickly scoring some goals in order to gain that maximum bonus damage as fast as possible.

1 Muscle Band

  • Level 10 – Attack +5; Attack Speed +2.5 percent
  • Level 20 – Attack +10; Attack Speed +5 percent
  • Level 30 – Attack +15; Attack Speed +7.5 percent

Alongside these flat buffs, Muscle Band also enhances all of your basic attacks with an increase in damage equal to (1/2/3 percent) of the target's remaining HP. This effect is especially useful when dealing with tanky enemies who have a large HP pool.

As far as jungling goes, this item will help you out in defeating wild Pokemon, especially in the early game when every point of damage matters. But this item proves itself useful in the late game as well, against boss Pokemon that have a high HP pool, making your HP percentage attacks hit even harder.

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