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Pokémon Sword & Shield: Every Way To Get Armorite Ore

Since the release of the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield, Armorite Ore has quickly become one of the most coveted resources for both competitive and casual players. In addition to being needed for the powerful move tutor in the Master Dojo, these rocks can be used for everything from watts with Digging Pa to clearing EVs with Lady Clear in the Workout Sea.

Unfortunately, Armorite Ore is still quite hard to collect in mass amounts, but thankfully there’s an extremely diverse set of methods players can choose to gather what they need. There are even some new ways of collecting this valuable item in the new Crown Tundra DLC, making this important currency easier to find than before.

Max Raid Battles

The simplest way to grind for a large amount of Armorite Ore is through Max Raid Battles, group battles against gigantic foes across Galar’s Wild Areas. The standard Wild Area’s dens won’t grant you any Armorite Ore for its normal findings, but nearly every Max Raid Battle in the Isle of Armor and even the Crown Tundra will provide at least one, and so will certain monthly Wild Area events.

When farming for Armorite Ore this way, the best trick is to use Wishing Pieces to spawn more while also trying to complete easier three-star battles. These are much easier to complete without online play, and when playing alone you can turn off battle animations for these to make them go even faster. With a Level 100 Pokemon, it’s fully possible to get some Ore every few minutes.

Battle Stadium Rewards

Another regular source of a large amount of Armorite Ore comes about every month, with the end of the online Ranked Battle season. These used to just reward players with Bottle Caps and BP used to purchase battle items and mints at the Battle Tower, but since the release of the Isle of Armor, players also will get Armorite Ore based on how high their online ranking is.

Skilled battlers will likely get to higher ranks and will get more Armorite Ore, but any player can benefit from this source. Simply play in at least one Ranked Battle to reach the Beginner or Poke Ball tier, and you’ll still get five Armorite Ore alongside some BP and Dynite Ore to be used in the Crown Tundra. Even if you surrender immediately, this is a great way to get a few free resources each month.

Random Pickups

Much like many items in the Wild Area, there are tons of Armorite Ore throughout the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra for you to pick up as you explore the region. These usually take the form of small sparkles on the ground, most notably near rocks and in caves. This also happens to be a recurring source, as this resource can potentially respawn each day.

Much like the items and treasures you find in the normal Wild Area, sparkling items will randomly spawn throughout the DLC areas with Armorite Ore always being a possibility. That said, Armorite Ore is quite rare, so it’s uncommon that you’ll find large amounts while scavenging the area each day. Nonetheless, enough spawn that it’s usually worth checking sparkles when they cross your path.


There’s also one source of a finite amount of Armorite Ore, which appears fairly early in the Isle of Armor’s story mode. As you work your way through Mustard’s trials, Dojo Matron Honey will eventually provide you with a choice of Bulbasaur or Squirtle that’s capable of Gigantamaxing. After, she will give you a bonus of five Armorite Ore.

It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to teach a move to your Pokemon from the Master Dojo’s move tutor, and happens to be the most Armorite Ore you can receive at one time outside of Battle Stadium Rewards. Even if you don’t have an interest in the Isle of Armor’s story, completing it for gifts like this mineral and other powerful Pokemon is worth your time.

Digging Ma

For those wishing to gamble on their Armorite Ore, players don’t need to look further than the Digging Ma roaming the Isle of Armor. There are several places she appears each time you talk to her and each day you visit the island, but any encounter will give you the option to receive one Armorite Ore, or give her a chance to dig for more until her shovel breaks.

Be careful playing her game, though, because it’s entirely possible to lose all the Armorite Ore she provides if you keep going. Each additional dig has a chance of breaking all the Ore she’s collected, and since she runs away after each dig it’s impossible to consistently farm it off of her. Just like random Armorite Ore on the ground, it’s usually best to just visit her if you happen to run into her, rather than hunting her down repeatedly.

Dynite Ore

The last way to obtain Armorite Ore is an entirely new method in the Crown Tundra, and is potentially the easiest method in the game. Rather than earning Armorite Ore itself, the vendor at the Dynamax Adventure cave will convert three Dynite Ore into one Armorite Ore.

Since you get around ten Dynite Ore with each standard Dynamax Adventure, it’s easy to collect a lot of Armorite Ore this way while also collecting legendary Pokemon. Doing Endless Adventures will also grant even more, especially if you’re connected online, and with the wider set of purposes Dynite Ore serves, it can be much more worthwhile to gather Armorite Ore this way.

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