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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Electric Gym Leader Is An Influencer

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s latest trailer introduces us to the game’s Electric-type gym leader, an influencer and online streamer that starts us off with a bit of a mystery.

Iono is her name and leading the Levincia Gym of the Paldea region is her game. She’s bombastic, bouncy, and boisterous–all qualities you’d expect from a social media influencer, although she seems to have a much more elaborate stage than most work-from-home streamers.

As a "streamer and influencer bringin' dreams to the masses," Iono doesn’t get out much. She laments the fact she’s too much of a Paldea celebrity to go outside and have a picnic, so instead, she introduces herself with a game. We have to guess what her star Pokemon is using a series of clues.

Iono’s Pokemon is "squishy," "sluggish," and has an "easygoin’ vibe." It also has two bumps on its head that a lot of people mistake for eyes. And "its body expands and contracts to generate electricity in its belly!" And of course, it’s an Electric-type Pokemon.

Could it be Electivire? Ampharos? An evolution of Pawmi? Or perhaps it's an entirely new Pokemon that no previous Scarlet & Violet trailer has revealed yet? Whatever it is, we won’t have to wait long to find out. Iono promised that tomorrow’s video will provide us with the answer, so stay tuned to the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

Iono’s Pokemon isn’t the only mystery we’re trying to solve in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The 14-minute gameplay trailer revealed pictures of three new Pokemon, and one of them look like two mice. However, fans are theorizing that those two mice aren't separate Pokemon and are, in fact, a single Pokemon in two bodies. They also look plenty squishy and have big bulbous ears on their head, although so far there's nothing to make us believe these are Electric-type mice and not just Normal-types.

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