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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Victory Road Pokemon League Walkthrough

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  • Acing The Interview
  • Elite Four: Rika
  • Elite Four: Poppy
  • Elite Four: Larry
  • Elite Four: Hassel
  • Top Champion: Geeta
  • The Return To Mesagoza
  • The Final Fight: Nemona

In the old days, Victory Road was a dungeon, a final gauntlet before players could finally challenge the Elite Four and reigning Champion. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet use the term cleverly, insinuating through dialogue snippets that the newest Victory Road encompasses all the treks and trails of Paldea, including each of the game's eight Gym Leader battles.

With three major questlines, and Victory Road being just one of them, it could take you quite some time before you've walked all those miles. But sooner or later, you will be ready to take on the Pokemon League. What will this endeavor encompass? How should you prepare to face their might? We're covering all that and more.

Acing The Interview

New to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the addition of a ten-question interview that must be passed before you can begin your bouts against the Elite Four. It's in keeping with the spirit of Paldea's school-centric vibe. Thankfully, it isn't hard; it's more of a memorization thing, since the questions that can be marked incorrect primarily pertain to repeating something you've previously stated.

Here's a copy of every question Rika will ask you, alongside every valid reply.

QuestionCorrect Answer(s)
"How did you get here today?"Any
"Please tell me the name of the school you're enrolled in?"
  • Naranja Academy (Scarlet)
  • Uva Academy (Violet)
"So, what brings you to the Pokemon League today?"
  • I came to become a Champion.
"Now, what do you intend to do if and when you do become a Champion?"Any, but remember which one you've chosen
"Tell me, which of the eight gyms gave you the most difficulty?"Any, but remember which one you've chosen
"And what was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there?"
  • (If you chose Cortondo) Katy
  • (If you chose Artazon) Brassius
  • (If you chose Levincia) Iono
  • (If you chose Alfornada) Tulip
  • (If you chose Medali) Larry
  • (If you chose Montenevera) Ryme
  • (If you chose Cascarrafa) Kofu
  • (If you chose Glaseado) Grusha
"But do you remember which type of Pokemon the Gym Leader used?"
  • (If you chose Cortondo and Katy) Bug
  • (If you chose Artazon and Brassius) Grass
  • (If you chose Levincia and Iono) Electric
  • (If you chose Alfornada and Tulip) Psychic
  • (If you chose Medali and Larry) Normal
  • (If you chose Montenevera and Ryme) Ghost
  • (If you chose Cascarrafa and Kofu) Water
  • (If you chose Glaseado and Grusha) Ice
"What was the category of the first Pokemon you chose to be your partner?"
  • (If you chose Sprigatito) Grass Cat
  • (If you chose Fuecoco) Fire Croc
  • (If you chose Quaxly) Duckling
"Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you do become a Champion?"Repeat whichever answer you provided when asked the first time
"Do you like Pokemon?"Please, for goodness’ sake, say 'Yes'

If you fail the interview, you're locked out of completing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet forever, and your save file deletes itself immediately. We're kidding, of course. You can retake the interview as many times as needed.

While you can't return to a Pokemon Center to heal up during your Elite Four challenge, the ability to swap Pokemon in your boxes can prove to be a modern lifesaver, so if things get rough, don't forget any potentially viable party members tucked away in Poke Balls.

Elite Four: Rika

ClodsirePoison/Ground (Tera Type: Ground)58

Rika's specialty is Ground-type Pokemon. Her Whiscash is Water/Ground, while her Dugtrio and Clodsire (the star of her team) are both pure Ground. Clodsire's Terastallization is Ground-type, even, doubling up on the deal. For these reasons, a sturdy Grass–type or Water-type is the way to go.

If you chose Sprigatito at the beginning of the game, Meowscarada should clean up nicely. Just be careful around the other two foes, as Donphan's Poison/Ground and Camerupt is Fire/Ground. Both Pokemon have attacks that can make short work of your Meowscarada (or any replacement in your party, if you chose a different starter).

Quaqaval is almost equally excellent. For one thing, Camerupt is toast. Dugtrio and Donphan are just as weak to Water as they are to Grass. Beware, however, that Clodsire will absorb Water attacks entirely.

As will be the case with the remainder of our recommendations, suitable replacements if you lack Meowscarada or Quaxavel to deal with the bulk of Rika's arsenal include pretty much halfway decent Pokemon with Grass or Water typing.

Elite Four: Poppy

TinkatonFairy/Steel (Tera Type: Steel)59

Poppy specializes in Steel. Her party's secondary typings are more diverse than RIka's, though, which presents a bit more difficulty as a result. Her Tinkaton's Fairy/Steel typing might cause confusion, given the blend's rarity, but Fire and Ground Pokemon are both excellent counters.

Skeledirge was left by the wayside with Rika, but Poppy's lineup gives it a chance to shine. In addition to Fire-type and Ground-type supremacy, Fighting is also a valid strategy. If you didn't choose Fuecoco as your starter, either of Charcadet's version-exclusive evolutions (Ceruledge or Armarouge) make fine replacements for over half the battle.

As with Rika before her and, spoilers, the other Elite Four members after her, Poppy's Tinkaton Terastallizes into the same type that she specializes in (Steel, of course).

Elite Four: Larry

FlamigoFlying/Fighting (Tera Type: Flying)60

Ah, lovable Larry. If there's a standout Gym Leader in this generation chock-full of standouts, it's Larry. Our guy's the Flying specializer, and his main weaknesses include Rock and Ice, though each one is only especially effective in specific matchups.

Ice is fantastic against Tropius, Altaria, and Staraptor. Rock is great against the same group. Oricorio can be brought down by a good Water-type strike or two, and Flamigo becomes weak to Electric upon Terastallizing. That's a nifty perk for anyone who's built up an Electric-type, like Raichu or Bellibolt.

Elite Four: Hassel

BaxcaliburDragon/Ice (Tera Type: Dragon)61

Our wonderful art teacher artfully practices a Dragon specialization, as is common among Elite Four head honchos. Again, Ice is fantastic here; both Noivern and Flapple are doubly weak to it, and Haxorus will also taste the pain. Recall, too, that Dragon-types are weak to Fairy-types, so Tinkaton, Sylveon, and other qualified professionals are good choices.

If Dragalge gives you grief, you can resort to fighting fire with fire, or rather, Dragon with Dragon. Dragon-types are weak against themselves, after all. It might even be fun, if you think you can spare the double-edged inconvenience, to pit a Baxcalibur of your own against Hassel's, though take that less as a recommendation and more of a 'this is fun'.

Top Champion: Geeta

GlimmoraRock/Poison (Tera Type: Rock)62

As befits any Champion (or in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's case, 'Top Champion'), Geeta's team is more diverse than any Elite Four member's. As such, you can't simply rely upon swapping out in favor of a choice one or two types, unless you prefer an uphill battle.

That said, you're hardly low on options against her. Espartha's weaknesses to Ghost, Bug, and Dark means there are plenty of picks. Avalugg's got a huge weakness to Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel. A Fire-type like Skeledirge can go to town on Avalugg, Gogoat, and Kimgambit; the latter is also weak to Fighting and Ground moves.

Veluza is an interesting case. Meowscarada owners are suddenly relevant again, as Water/Psychic is perfectly outperformed by Grass/Dark. Plenty of other options, though, such as Kilowattrel, Jolteon, and Bellibolt for Electrics. Last but not least, Glimmora packs a solid punch, especially once Terrastalized. Now it's Quaquaval's time to play, or any Water-type (or Meowscarada and Grass-types again, but beware of the Poison attacks). Steel and Ground are also good here.

The Return To Mesagoza

Stop us if you've heard this one already: Nemona ambushes you, demanding a battle. Except this time, it's serious. You're the Top Champion. To say you've exceeded her expectations is an exercise in understatement.

It's quickly agreed upon that the last battle of the Victory Road storyline will occur at Mesagoza Central Plaza. Don't relax now — Nemona's full-fledged team is tougher than you might anticipate. Their levels are all a few higher than anything you've faced before, and while they're mostly monotype, they've still got a great type spread that'll keep you on your toes.

Take this opportunity to heal up and purchase restorative items as needed.

The Final Fight: Nemona

Meowscarada or Skeledirge or QuaquavalGrass/Dark or Fire/Ghost or Water/Fighting (Tera Type Grass or Fire or Water)66

The first thing you should note is that even though Nemona chose the starter yours is strong against in the beginning of the game, the secondary typing for her chosen Pokemon turns the tables. If you picked Meowscarada, Quaquaval is totally weak to Grass, but can also launch Fighting attacks that Meowscarada is equally susceptible to. So on and so forth.

For that reason, it's not a bygone conclusion for you to meet Nemona's final Pokemon with your starter. You can do it, and it might be just fine — save for obvious things like being drastically overleveled, the duels will likely be determined purely by speed stat at that point.

Meowscarada has a double weakness against Bug. We realize Bug-types often get a middling rep in Pokemon games, but there are some very decent ones in Scarlet & Violet, like Volcarona and Lokix. Skeledirge lacks a double weakness, but Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Dark are all super effective. Lastly, Quaquaval also lacks a double weakness, but Flying, Grass, Electric, Psychic, and Fairy are all fine.

As for the rest of Nemona's team, only Pawmot has two types, so four out of five of them are bluntly apparent: just pick a Pokemon that's strong against each individual type. As for Pawmot, Ground, Psychic, and Fairy.

With Nemona defeated, the Victory Road questline is finally finished. Congratulations!

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