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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Rock-Types

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been released to somewhat meddling reviews, mostly due to technical problems. However, despite all that, the core gameplay is still solid, and the new Pokemon are quite exciting to experiment with.

Next to the Steel-type, Rock-types are some of the most iconic defensive Pokemon. Despite being weak to the common Fighting and Ground-type attacks, Rock-type can be extremely good, especially when combined with the correct secondary type. There are a lot of iconic returning Pokemon and new additions to the type in this game, and here are the best of the best.

10/10 Tyranitar

Tyranitar, the Johto pseudo-legendary, has always been at least decent throughout the years, and that trend holds true here. Tyranitar has amazing stats, mainly focused on Attack, a great ability in Sand Stream, and a large variety of moves. Even its problematic four-time weakness to Fighting-types can be patched up.

Thanks to Terastallization, Tyranitar can either increase its already impressive offensive capability or throw opponents off by turning into a type that erases its weaknesses. One of the better options to Tera into seems to be Ghost-type, making Tyranitar immune to Fighting-type moves. Tyranitar is a great Rock-type if your team is in need of one.

9/10 Garganacl

Garganacl is a new Pokemon introduced in Generation 9. This Pokemon is inspired by blocks of rock salt and looks like it jumped right out of Minecraft. Despite the blocky, awkward look, though, Garganacl manages to be one of the best Rock-types in the games.

Garganacl's signature ability Purifying Salt protects it from status conditions, and also gives it resistance against Ghost-type moves. It also comes with a signature move called Salt Cure. This move deals 1/8 of the receiving Pokemon's HP each turn and double that if they have the types Steel or Water. On top of all that, Garganacl has great Defense and can use the amazing Iron Defense plus Body Press combo to full effect.

8/10 Naclstack

Another great Rock-type that's more defensive is Naclstack, the pre-evolution of Garganacl. While it may seem counterintuitive to use a non-fully evolved Pokemon, Naclstack has some stuff going for it.

It's a smaller Garganacl through and through, except for when it's equipped with the item Eviolite. Unless you absolutely need the offensive potential of Garganacl, you can reach higher defenses with an Eviolite Naclstack. While it does require an item to reach its potential, Naclstack can be a great wall in times of need.

7/10 Glimmora

Glimmora is another great Rock-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This Rock/Poison-type is a special attacker, which is not that common for Rock-types. Glimmora is strong in a very unique way, setting itself apart from any other Pokemon completely.

Its ability Toxic Debris sets Toxic Spikes when Glimmora is hit by a physical attack. That, combined with a decent defense stat, makes Glimmora a reliable spikes setter. It has some great utility moves too, such as Memento, Explosion, and Spiky Shield. Make sure you give it a Tera Type that covers its weaknesses, and you're good to go Glimmora is an unusual Pokemon but is a great one for sure.

6/10 Iron Thorns

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have introduced some ancient ancestors and future descendants of iconic Pokemon called Parados Pokemon. One of these creatures is a Rock/Electric-type, inspired by Tyranitar's design. Having similar physical stats to Tyranitar is great, as they are already sky-high. The electric typing is also pretty great in terms of offense.

While Iron Thorns doesn't have the best typing or the widest move pool, its sheer power makes it worth considering for your team. Especially when its ability Quark Drive is activated, whether via Electric Terrain or the item Booster Energy, Iron Thorns hits like a truck.

5/10 Lycanroc-Dusk

A lot of Rock-type Pokemon have very low Speed stats, focusing more on durability and hitting hard. With that being the case, a fast Rock-type that's just as strong can be a great way to catch opponents off-guard.

Lycanroc has three forms in total, all being useful to an extent, but the best one is Dusk Form by far. It has the highest Attack out of the three and is almost as fast as Midday Form. What makes Lycanroc is its diverse movepool and access to priority moves, though. It wasn't in Ash's first championship team without reason, after all.

4/10 Drednaw

Drednaw is one of the iconic Pokemon that was introduced in the previous generation. It has great typing in Rock/Water, and its stats are not bad at all. It's got a selection of great abilities with Strong Jaw, Shell Armor, and Swift Swim, which are all useful in certain situations.

Its movepool hasn't changed that much this generation, but it already had a great array of options, with incredible moves like Shell Smash, Earthquake, and Poison Jab. It's a great Pokemon that is very versatile, especially when you take Terastillization into account.

3/10 Klawf

Klawf captured the hearts of many as soon as it was revealed, way before the games came out. With the derpy look and great design, it's hard not to love Klawf. Luckily, it's not just a cute Pokemon and has some real power within.

Klawf has a decent stat line, mainly focusing on Attack and Defense. It also has access to the reliable ability Regenerator as well as a new ability called Anger Shell. This ability gives Klawf a boost in Attack, Special Attack, and Speed and lowers both defenses. This allows Klawf to function as an offensive threat too, making it fit any team that needs a Rock-type.

2/10 Coalossal

Coalossal is a very unique Pokemon, introduced in Generation 9. While it's got some niche uses, it's never been an amazing Pokemon. Luckily, Coalossal is a great Rock-type in Scarlet & Violet, mainly due to the new mechanic of Terastallization.

Coalossal has the core of a great Pokemon, with decent stats, great movepool, and an amazing ability in Steam Engine. What used to keep Coalossal back was its several weaknesses due to the Fire/Rock typing it has. Luckily, in Scarlet & Violet, you can Terastallize into a Water or Steel-type to mitigate that frailty, turning Coalossal into an absolute tank.

1/10 Stonjourner

Stonjourner is one of those Pokemon that you instantly recognize by their silhouette. It's an iconic, silly looking Stonehenge that's alive. Stonjourner has some very impressive stats, especially in Attack and Defense. This thing is hard to take out as long as you keep it out of the way of special attacks.

Stonjourner only has one ability: Power Spot, which buffs the power of allies' moves by 30 percent. Stonjourner is a one-trick pony designed outrightly for double battles, but it is great at its job and is a great choice if you plan on playing doubles at all.

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