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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Grass-Types

Grass type is one of the most common and popular Pokemon types. One starter Pokemon from every Generation is always a Grass-type too. That hasn't changed in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with Sprigatito as an option.

In addition to the starter, there are several other Grass-types, whether pure or combined with another type. With so many Water, Rock, and Ground-types found in the Paldea region, Grass-types are very important. You'll want to catch some of the best ones to stand a chance against the aforementioned abundant Pokemon types.

10/10 Arboliva

Arboliva has the rare, and rather odd, Grass/Normal-typing. It is the final form of Smoliv, and evolves from Dolliv at level 35. It has a lot of weaknesses because of the Normal-type being included with the Grass-type, but it does gain an immunity to Ghost attacks.

This pretty, tree-like Pokemon doesn't have many Physical capabilities in battle, but it does shine when it comes to the Special category. It starts with a fairly high base Special Attack stat of 125 and a base Special Defense stat of 109. That's enough for it to hold its own.

9/10 Toedscruel

You'd be mistaken if you thought Toedscruel is a Paldean regional form of Tentacruel. Though similar, it is actually an entire different species of Pokemon. The Ground/Grass-type evolves from Toedscool when it reaches level 30.

It is a very speedy Pokemon and is easy to come by, so you can add it to your team if you don't select the Grass-type starter. Toedscruel comes with the benefit of being immune to Electric-type attacks and can learn quite a few moves that are super effective against Pokemon that it is weak to.

8/10 Brambleghast

Brambleghast adds to the line of interesting Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon. In Scarlet & Violet, you can get one of your own by catching a Bramblin and evolving it. To evolve it, you'll need to use the Let's Go feature, walk 1,000 steps with the Bramblin out of its Poke Ball, and level it up.

After all of that has been accomplished, you will have a ghostly tumbleweed, who is surprisingly quick and has a solid base Attack stat. It also has a unique ability known as Wind Rider. When a wind move hits it, or Tailwind is used by an opponent, it gets a boost to its Attack making it even more dangerous.

7/10 Leafeon

Leafeon is one of Eevee's several evolutions. The Grass-type version can be acquired by leveling up Eevee near a Moss Rock or by simply using a Leaf Stone. It is typically seen as the lesser of the Eevee evolutions, but that just means Leafeon is severely underrated.

It is much easier to obtain than some of the other Eevee evolutions. And it has great attacking stats. With a 95 base Speed stat, it can attack first against many of its adversaries. It can then do some serious damage with a 110 base Attack and take a hit with 130 base Defense.

6/10 Abomasnow

Abomasnow is an absolutely terrifying creature. The snowy tree-like Pokemon is often depicted as menacing and dangerous. That's because it is. It evolves from Snover at level 40 and immediately provides balanced stats and a Grass/Ice-typing that gives it access to moves that will fell even the mightiest Dragon-types.

You will need to account for several weaknesses, however. Abomasnow has one of the highest weakness counts in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It is weak to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, and Steel-type attacks. On top of that, it is doubly weak to Fire-type moves.

5/10 Scovillain

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced the very first Grass/Fire-type to the franchise. Scovillain is the one and only of its kind and evolves from Capsakid when exposed to a Fire Stone. The unique creature is known as the Spicy Pepper Pokemon, as its name is a play on the word Scoville, which measures the heat of peppers.

The two types put together drastically reduce its weaknesses, making it only weak to Flying, Poison, and Rock-type attacks. When it comes to battling, both its Attack and Special Attack have a base of 108. This allows you to utilize a variety of moves against your opponents.

4/10 Breloom

Introduced in Generation 3, Breloom evolves from Shroomish at level 23. It is a Grass/Fighting-type that shone in the games and the anime series. The Mushroom Pokemon exemplifies its secondary type by showing absolutely no mercy in battle.

If you are looking to put together an offensive team that delivers an all out assault on opposing Pokemon and you need a Grass-type, look no further than Breloom. Most of its stats are considered mediocre, but it has a base Attack stat of 130. That's higher than the likes of Gyarados, Heracross, and even the Legendary Terrakion.

3/10 Appletun And Flapple

Appletun and Flapple are together here. Even though they are separate Pokemon, they both evolve from Applin and are Grass/Dragon-types. The difference in deciding whether to use a Sweet Apple or a Tart Apple, respectively, depends on what type of battler you need from the evolved Applin.

Type effectiveness is the same across the board and the base stat total remains 485 for both. How the stats are spread is what changes from the two powerful apple-themed dragons. Appletun is very slow and focuses on Special Attacks. Flapple is a bit faster with its stats more geared towards Physical Attacks.

2/10 Brute Bonnet

Brute Bonnet is a Paradox Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is a Scarlet exclusive as it comes from the past. Paradox Pokemon are past and future iterations of existing Pokemon, but are considered their own species in the Pokedex.

You will encounter this Grass/Dark-type variation of Amoongus late in the story. When you get a chance to catch it, you may be set with a Grass-type on your team. Brute Bonnet should not be overlooked, though. While slow, it boasts a base Attack stat of 127 and a base HP stat of 111.

1/10 Meowscarada

The Grass-type starter in Scarlet & Violet, Sprigatito, evolves into Floragato, another pure Grass-type, before eventually becoming Meowscarada at level 36. At this point, it gains a second type and becomes Grass/Dark.

The final form of the Paldean starter is incredibly quick with a base Speed stat of 123 and can get the job done offensively with a base Attack stat of 110. This compliments its signature move, Flower Trick, which never misses and always lands as a critical hit. With the Same Type Attack Bonus it gets from being a Grass-type move, it is a deadly combination with Meowscarada that goes unmatched.

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