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Pokemon Masters EX: How To Evolve Sync Pairs

Pokemon Masters EX is a slightly more accurate rendition of the classic Pokemon games, available on mobile devices. Unlike other Pokemon games, however, Masters offers a unique battle experience, with each team composed of three Pokemon and their trainer. Trainers also have moves they can use, much like their Pokemon. This makes some weaker Pokemon stronger, and vice versa.

This guide focuses solely on the Sync Pairs you can evolve through completing certain tasks, as some trainers start with unevolved Pokemon. It is important to note that not every partner Pokemon can be evolved, but there a large group that can.

Which Pokemon Can Be Evolved?

Below is be a complete list of the Pokemon that can currently evolve. This list is subject to change with future updates, so if you're waiting for a certain evolution, make sure to check back and see if an update has granted your wish!

Barry & PiplupBrawly & MakuhitaBlaine & Ponyta
Calem & EspurrClay & TympoleGrant & Amaura
Kris & TotodileLt. Surge & VoltorbLyra & Chikorita
Maylene & MedititePhoebe & DusclopsPryce & Seel
Ramos & BellsproutRosa & SnivyRoxie & Venipede
Roxanne & NosepassRoark & RampardosViola & Surskit

Each of the listed Pokemon is able to evolve into their final form. For example, Barry's Piplup will eventually evolve into Empoleon, and won't be stuck as a sad Prinplup.

Not only is the list of Pokemon that can evolve different from every other game in the series, but the way the Pokemon evolve is also entirely different.

How Do Pokemon Evolve?

While the evolution system in Pokemon Masters is different from the mainline games, it is however somewhat familiar. It also requires your Pokemon to hit certain levels before being able to evolve, but the twist is that every Pokemon evolves at the same level.

Pokemon with only one evolution, such as Seel into Dewgong, evolve once at level 30. Pokemon with two stages of evolution, such as Chikorita into Bayleef and then into Meganium, they must reach level 45 for their second evolution. Although the level target is a lot higher for most Pokemon compared to their usual levels, having them all evolve at the same level makes it much easier to track.

Once an eligible Pokemon has reached the level to evolve, you will unlock a special trainer battle. This can only be started once you have five Evolution Shards, which can only be purchased through the in-game shop for the coins you earn through battling.

Your first bundle of five Shards will cost 1,000 coins, but each subsequent purchase after this will cost more and more coins — so make sure you choose your first evolution carefully! To evolve a Pokemon a second time, you will need to purchase three Evolution Crystals instead. These will cost you 5,000 coins to begin with, before increasing in price drastically.

Preparing For Battle

As stated above, it's not enough to just level up your Pokemon. You will also have to beat a trainer in battle for the evolution to complete. Neither of the evolution battles are easy, and should be prepared for properly.

It's recommended to be around level 35-40 for the first battle, to make sure you stand a fair chance. For Pokemon that evolve twice, however, you will have to battle a trainer for each evolution — and the second-tier evolution battles are much harder. The game will recommend you be around level 45 for the battle, but even at this level it can prove to be a big challenge. A couple more hours of grinding might help you get through it with ease.

After you have defeated the trainer and won the battle, your Pokemon will begin to evolve, granting it new abilities and a lot more strength. You can now show off with your evolved Pokemon, and reach higher and higher on your way to becoming champion!

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