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Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Where To Find Every Wisp In Alabaster Icelands

Some requests in Pokemon Legends: Arceus take a lot more effort to complete than others. One such request is Eerie Apparitions in the Night, a request you'll likely pick up very early in the game that asks you to find 107 Wisps scattered across Hisui.

Alabaster Icelands holds 20 of these Wisps and as the final area of the game, it understandably has some of the hardest ones to reach. As long as you limit your searches to nighttime when the Wisps are brightest and make liberal use of Braviary's flight you should be fine, but we have every Wisp location for your convenience anyway.

All Wisps In Alabaster Icelands

This Wisp is very close to Snowfields Camp, just head to the right and climb the hill in the distance to find it.

This Wisp is found at the tip of a tall ramp to the east of Avalugg's Legacy.

You can find this Wisp by heading south from Heart's Crag – it's on top of a cliff overlooking the lake.

At the top end of the Pearl Settlement, this Wisp is hiding behind a tent.

As with every other map in the game, there is a Wisp at the top of the waterfall in Alabaster Icelands.

When facing Snowpoint Temple, head to the platforms on the left to find this Wisp.

You'll find this Wisp amongst some plants to the east of Glacier Terrace. It's a very steep cliff, so keep your eyes out.

Head up the hills to the west of Avalugg's Legacy to find this Wisp. If it's dark, it'll be extremely noticeable.

Use Braviary to fly southwest of Avalugg's Legacy and you should find this Wisp in a valley.

This Wisp is right to the west of the Icepeak Arena fast-travel point.

There's a ridge just to the west of Icebound Falls – at the very end of it, you'll find a Wisp.

You'll be able to get this Wisp on the northeastern side of Avalanche Slopes, on top of a large hill.

In the southwestern-most part of the map, there is a little alcove hiding this Wisp.

Head west and around the corner from Bonechill Wastes, and climb the mountain to find this Wisp.

In the ice fields around Avalugg's Legacy you'll find multiple holes that lead to underground caverns. One of these on the southern part of this area will lead to a Wisp.

Head over the bridge from the Pearl Settlement and head south, the Wisp should be in your view. Make it nighttime for a better view.

On the left-hand side of the waterfall, you'll find a very large boulder blocking a cave. Use a powerful Pokemon to destroy it, and you'll be able to claim the Wisp within.

This Wisp is located directly between Avalugg's Legacy and Bonechill Wastes on the map. Use Braviary and scout from the skies for a better vantage point.

North from Snowfields Camp is a ravine. Head up the cliff side on the western edge of that ravine using Sneasler to reach an outcropping that holds this Wisp.

This Wisp is found inside Snowpoint Temple, so be sure to check around every corner when you visit here as part of the story.

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