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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals New Characters, Confirms Darkrai And Shaymin

Every week we're learning more about Pokemon Legends: Arceus, from its seamless catching to a big happy ball that seems far less likely to explode as soon as look at you. And today we're learning more about the Hisui Region's residents, including its two feuding clans.

The Pearl and Diamond clans (obviously named after the Gen 4 games) appear to have some pre-existing tension between them. Their leaders, Adaman of the Diamond clan and Irida of the Pearl clan, don't seem to like each other very much. At least, not based on their brief conversation in the trailer. It wouldn't be very kid-friendly to have these two clans ride out to war like an old Samurai flick, but it wouldn't be ancient Japan without at least a little inter-clan conflict.

Besides the two leaders, we also get to see Arezu, a Diamond clan member who wants to learn more about these "Galaxy people," and Lian, Pearl clan's warden of Kleavor and Lord of the Woods. That might be a self-proclaimed title, judging by Lian's boisterous pose.

Besides the two clans, there's also the merchants of the Ginkgo Guild, which will be the player's main source of supplies throughout their Hisuian journey. Ginter is the Ginkgo leader while Volo is a traveling merchant who will occasionally surprise the player by showing up in unexpected places.

In the Japanese trailer, we learn that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will provide players with extra bonuses if they have save data on their Switch from either Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl or Sword & Shield.

For those with Diamond & Pearl saves, you'll be given a chance to capture the Mythical pokemon Darkrai after you beat Legends: Arceus. You'll have to accept a special research request from a Galaxy team member in Jubilife Village after the end credits. You'll also be able to pick up a special Modern Team Galactic outfit from the clothier after joining the Galaxy Expedition Team, which happens roughly an hour into the game.

Sword & Shield saves will similarly unlock a research request to capture Shaymin after defeating the game. Again, head to Jubilife Village after the end credits to pick up your research request. You'll also be able to grab the Shaymin Kimono set from the clothier as soon as you meet them.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus arrives on the Nintendo Switch on January 28.

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