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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Merch Includes A Stuffed Hisuian Growlithe

It's officially Pokemon Legends: Arceus week. The brave new frontier in Pokemon games launches this Friday and if you have managed to avoid all the leaks and spoilers out there, much of what the Hisui region holds will come as a big surprise when you finally get the chance to play it. There is some information officially out there though of course, including some of the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus will introduce.

A few of the new monsters you'll need to catch in all-new ways are Hisuian variants of Pokemon we have known for years. Growlithe, for instance, whose Hisuian variant is sporting so much fur and facial hair that you can't see its eyes. You'll now be able to give the adorable new version of the gen one fire-type a real-life hug as a plush of Hisuian Growlithe is launching alongside Legends: Arceus.

That's not the only official merch the game is getting either. As revealed in the tweet below via Pokemon's official Japanese Twitter account, a number of Arceus-themed items will be available alongside the game itself starting from Friday. Arceus will be getting a plush alongside Hisuian Growlithe, there's also a sticky note set and a ring-bound notebook.

You'll also be able to make your real-life smartphone look just like the arc phone in the game. It's still unclear what exactly powers this mysterious piece of tech considering the time period in which Legends: Arceus is set. The phones compatible with the snazzy new case also appear to be limited according to Famitsu. Just iPhones 6, 6s, 7, 8, and SE. No love for newer models on Android users.

What's also unclear at this time is whether any of the items will be available outside of Japan. Since the Pokeball pouch is very similar to a cartridge holder you receive for ordering the game through the Nintendo store, it seems likely. However, until officially confirmed, you might want to assume these items are only available to Japanese Pokemon fans for the time being.

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