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Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Catch Munchlax

Snorlax is an icon. The lumbering oaf exists only to eat, and will happily sleep away the day until hunger strikes again. It's strangely reassuring to know that no matter how hectic one's life can get, Snorlax's will forever consist of the same incredibly basic routine. Wars could be fought nearby, and unless one of the soldiers has a Poke Flute, it's sweet dreams the whole way through. Are we envious? Of course.

While Snorlax is a Red & Blue classic, its pre-evolution Munchlax arrived on the scene many years later with Diamond & Pearl. Always dreaming of that next great meal on the horizon, the hyperactive foodie warmed hearts the world over. With the announcement of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it felt like a foregone conclusion that Sinnoh-native Munchlax would earn a spot on the Hisui Pokedex. And thankfully, that bet proved safe.

But where is Munchlax hanging out in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? The little darling's a must-have, after all; and by goodness, we all must have it.

How to Find Munchlax in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Obsidian Fieldlands is one of Hisui's five major regions. As luck would have it, it's also the first players will explore, meaning you'll be getting to know the sprawling valleys and winding rivers here long before stepping foot elsewhere.

While Munchlax cannot be caught here right from the start, it won't take long before the tide shifts in your favor. Just play through the game normally until you have unlocked the Heights Camp. Don't worry about going on a wild Zangoose chase to make that happen — the region's main story quest will eventually propel you to the proper location.

After the Heights Camp becomes available, you will be granted quick and reliable access to the Obsidian Fieldlands' hilly central area. If you want to catch yourself a munchin' Munchlax as soon as possible, ignore the plot push toward Kleavor's forested abode, Grandtree Arena. Instead, head back up a way to Deertrack Path.

Note that Munchlax is a rare spawn here, meaning that while it's not impossible for you to bump into it immediately upon arrival, you'll be all sorts of lucky if you do. Simply run back and forth through the area; in all likelihood, you'll have spawned a small army's worth of Kricketots and more than a few skittish Stantlers before your portly little pal appears, but pat yourself on the back when it finally does.

Are there any reliable tips for catching Munchlax? Honestly, not really. It's friendly, so it won't scamper upon noticing you. In fact, one of Munchlax's Research Task challenges involves throwing food to distract it, so hey, just do that.

The better your Ball, the higher your odds for successfully capturing Munchlax, but if you're here early enough into the game, you may not have much choice in the matter. Don't sweat the small stuff; even an ordinary Poke Ball has a decent enough shot.

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