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Pokémon: Grookey, The Best Gen 8 Starter, Is Now Available At Build-A-Bear

Editor’s Note: The views of the author of this piece do not reflect the views of the entire Game Informer staff. 

Build-A-Bear has revealed that you can now buy a plush of Grookey, the best Generation 8 Pokémon starter (easily and undeniably), in a new online exclusive bundle. 

This news comes by way of the official Build-A-Bear website, which reveals Grookey is now available to ship in the U.S. and U.K., as reported by NintendoLife. The bundle, which will cost you $65, includes a Grookey plush, of course, with a sound chip that includes the Pokémon’s cry, a matching “Leaf Shirt,” and a “Leaf Cape.” It’s basically a Grookey plush with a Hawaiian shirt on, and it looks awesome. 

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