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Pokemon Go Spent All Weekend Teasing A Raid Egg That Turned Out To Be A Huge Letdown

On Saturday, the official Pokemon GO Twitter account started posting short video clips of an egg. First, it was a six-hour timer, and then after six hours had elapsed they posted another video, this time with a 48-hour timer. The message was simple: wait and see what’s new inside this giant floating egg.

“Trainers, it looks like we’ve stumbled upon some mysterious Raid Eggs,” the official Pokemon GO account wrote. ‘Can you help us make sense of all this?”

We started getting clues pretty much right away. The third video message included a plane that was trailing a banner with the number “677.” Then the fourth update had some distinctive sounds that pointed to a particular Psychic-type Pokemon. And then there’s the last one just before the new Raid eggs went live that pretty much spilled the beans right at the end.

It’s Espurr. Two days, five tweets, and God knows how many man-hours spent making these promotional videos to advertise the fact that Espurr will be available starting today in 1-star Raids.

Look, Espurr is a fine Pokemon and surely it’s beloved by many Kalos Region fans. That said, there aren’t that many Kalos Region fans, and Espurr isn’t exactly a Pokemon with Pikachu-levels of marketing appeal, no matter how much Nintendo tried to make it otherwise.

On top of that, Espurr was never a powerhouse in previous Pokemon games, so there’s really no indication that it’ll possess any noteworthy characteristics in Pokemon GO. Basically, there’s no reason to be excited over Espurr’s arrival, and Niantic spending so many resources hyping the psychic cat Pokemon up just seems bizarre.

And I’m hardly alone. Plenty of people on Twitter were equally disappointed to discover that the big deal was just Espurr, and many of them are calling on Niantic to do better. Like, seriously guys, read the room.

In positive Pokemon GO News, COVID bonuses have been extended until June of 2021, and Pokemon GO Beyond arrives today with 10 new levels and more Gen 6 Pokemon. So maybe cut Espurr a little slack.

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