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Pokémon GO Giovanni Guide — How To Beat

The legendary leader of Team GO Rocket Giovanni has made his appearance once again in Pokémon GO, and his team lives up to the reputation this series villain has built up for himself over the decades. However, even if you challenged him before, Giovanni has some new tricks – or Pokémon, rather – up his sleeve to throw off any trainers who think they know what to expect when taking him on. Check out this guide to maintain your edge, and earn your shot at capturing his Shadow Pokémon for yourself.

How To Counter And Beat Giovanni In Pokémon GO

Giovanni will be different this time around, but in some ways easier. Rather than having various Pokémon he can call on for each round, you will know what to expect for each of his three fighters. But, be warned, his final Pokémon will be a very dangerous Legendary.

Giovanni’s Pokémon Lineup And Counters

  • The first Pokémon you need to prepare for when fighting Giovanni is a Persian. This Normal type has Dark and Normal quick attacks and Rock, Fairy, and Dark charge moves, but will be the easiest of the three to overcome because of its weakness to Fighting types.
  • Machamp is a solid counter for this first round, with Counter and Cross Chop, or a Lucario with Power-Up Punch and Counter.

Second Round Counters

  • Once the Persian is taken care of, Giovanni will call out a Sandslash. This is a Ground type Pokémon, so is weak to Water, Ice, and Grass.
  • Exploit Sandslash’s type by calling out a Water type like Empoleon with Hydro Cannon and Waterfall, or a Swampert with Hydro Cannon and Water Gun. Ice types can also work here as well.

Third Round Counters

  • Last up will be Giovanni’s most powerful Pokémon in his lineup, and the one that will spell the end for most trainer’s battles. He’s pitting you up against a Shadow Mewtwo, which was one of the very first Legendary Pokémon to appear in the game. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with this well known and powerful Pokémon, it is a Psychic type that can easily take out almost all other Pokémon. Your only chance is to capitalize on one of the few type weaknesses Mewtwo has, which are Ghost, Bug, and Dark types.
  • Dark is going to be your best choice when trying to take on Mewtwo. Whichever type you have the stronger Pokémon as, Dark or Ghost, just make sure they have a hard hitting Charge move. Hydreigon with Dark Pulse and Bite is a fantastic counter, but you could also go with a Gengar attacking with Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw.

You’ll be rewarded with the usual mix of items for coming out of this battle on top, including 5,000 Stardust and a few healing items or stones, but the real reward will be the opportunity to catch his Legendary Shadow Pokémon. This time around you have the chance to get your very own Shadow Persian, so do your best to capture it while you can.

Once you and your team of Pokémon are all trained up and ready, equip your Super Rocket Radar to locate Giovanni to challenge him.

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