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Pokemon Go Community Manager Gets "Violent Threats" Over Temporary Bluetooth Shutdown

Last weekend, Pokemon Go suffered from a bug that forced Niantic to disable support for Bluetooth accessories like the Go Plus and the Poke Ball Plus. This meant players would have to go without their auto-catching capabilities and actually throw virtual balls at digital Pokemon on their touchscreen devices.

Niantic said the bug was fixed earlier today, but not before community manager Kelsey Danger received "violent threats" for comments she made on Twitter.

The original tweet has since been deleted, but Eurogamer reports that Danger said it was "interesting" to see the reaction of fans that were forced to play without their Bluetooth accessories. This apparently set off a certain segment of Pokemon Go players as she immediately followed up with a clarification, writing she didn't "mean this in a disparaging way!"

However, not everyone took her apology at face value. While Danger was "happy to talk" to people about the validity of removing half of Pokemon Go’s systems thanks to an autocatcher, she was less enthused about getting "violent threats" emailed to her. This led to her deleting the original tweet and noting that she did not in fact live in Toronto contrary to the opinion of one angry Pokemon Go player.

The good news is that full functionality has been restored, so there’s no reason for anyone to be upset anymore. Niantic has apologized "for the inconvenience this may have caused" and thanked players for their patience. Danger has apologized for accidentally implying playing with an autocatcher in Pokemon Go somehow made some people lazy. Everyone can play games how they like them, and autocatchers are no different from playing No Man’s Sky on its new difficulty settings. You do you.

This whole mess has convinced me that we could all use a hug. Over the weekend, Pokemon fans discussed the best Pokemon to hug, with Mareep and Wooloo topping the list.

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