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Pokemon Fans Discuss The Anime’s Saddest Episodes

Despite being a show primarily for children, the Pokemon anime has a bunch of surprisingly hard-hitting episodes that catch you right in the feels. In fact, it has so many that The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel recently uploaded a a Top Ten video of some of the most emotional farewells in the series so far. This was then picked up by the Pokemon subreddit, who discussed the official ranking and what their picks would be.

While there are plenty of suggestions for episodes that should've been included in the video, most fans agree that Pokemon's pick for the top spot was justified. "Farewell, Stoutland" is undeniably the most upsetting episode in the franchise, featuring a rare Pokemon death and a devastated Litten that realises they'll never be able to see their best friend Stoutland again. Heartbreaking stuff, and you'd need a heart of stone to not get at least a little emotional.

Apart from that, there's much more debate as to what else should've appeared in the video. For example, Redditor New-attempt 27 thinks that the episode in which Jessie releases her Dustox so it could find love, smashing its PokeBall to get it to leave, should have been worthy of a place, while Redditor Jack_Skeletron_4ever thinks that the farewell between Ash, Brock, and Dawn at the end of the Sinnoh adventure should've been on the list as well.

There are just as many emotional moments in the movies as well, with Mewtwo turning Ash into stone in Pokemon: The First Movie also getting a shout out. Then there's Redditor WillSmisk, who upsets the entire subreddit by making people remember the death of Sorrel's Luxray who protects him from the cold in the movie I Choose You.

There are plenty of other suggestions in the thread to go through – and you can check out our picks for the saddest episodes in the series here – but you'll have to excuse me for now, someone seems to be chopping onions.

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