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Pokemon Fans Are Sharing Their Tips For Completing Scarlet & Violet’s Pokedex

Gotta catch 'em all! That's the motto that the Pokemon series is known for and has been the focus of plenty of Pokemon games over the franchise's history. While there's plenty of things to do in Scarlet & Violet, it's still no exception to that rule, as dedicated Pokemon trainers have already set out to complete their Pokedex as fast as possible. Now they're sharing their tips if you want to do the same.

Over on the Pokemon subreddit, user Rtrohde has outlined one of the things you can do to make catching Pokemon a whole lot easier. They recommend that those looking to fill up their Pokedex should go out and get themselves a Persian, simply because it has access to all of the moves you need for success. For example, Persian has access to a move called False Swipe – which will leave a Pokemon at 1HP no matter what – and it's power will be boosted thanks to Persian's Normal-type STAB and ability.

Rtrohde also mentions that Persian also has access to status inflicting moves like Thunder Wave and Hypnosis, as Paralysis and Sleep both increase your chances of catching a Pokemon pretty dramatically. Persian also has access to Rest, which will let you heal up should a Pokemon prove difficult to catch and put up a struggle. Basically, Rtrohde thinks Persian is the best companion for Pokemon catching.

Eager to help, other users also share the Pokemon they use on their quest to complete the Pokedex. For example, Suspicious-Bike1865 like to use Breloom as it has access to Spore – a move that inflicts sleep with 100 percent accuracy – and higher attack than Persian, meaning False Swipe hits much harder.

StarLucario also reckons newcomer Kingsgambit is a great option, which I have to agree with. Defensively bulky, access to Thunder Wave, and the ability to learn False Swipe makes it a pretty tanky catching partner. It also looks really cool, and that's what should matter most of all.

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