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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Can Be Beaten In 15 Minutes Thanks To "Ham Sandwich" Glitch

It's fair to say that Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl aren't the most polished games out there. Unfortunutely, it looks like it went out a whole lot quicker than the developers would have liked, as easily exploitable bugs can help players duplicate Pokemon and walk through walls. There's even a bunch of cut features, such as the Global Trade System (GTS) which will be added in a future update.

However, this has been a great boon to the speedrunning community. While the original takes around 57 minutes to beat, the remake is already down to 15. With so many exploits to pull off, it's confusing stuff for a layman to understand. But thankfully, YouTuber Abyssoft has come up with the perfect analogy: beating Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl so quickly requires the use of a "ham sandwich" glitch, which stacks several bugs on top of each other.

Abyssoft explains it better than I ever could, but here's a quick rundown. The "bread" in this metaphor is the menu storage glitch – a bug that allows you to have several menus open at once. It also means you can walk around with the menu open, which is very handy.

The "ham", however, is what you decide to do in these glitches menus. In the context of the speedrun, the filling of the sandwich is "script storage" – storing in-game dialogue and using it to skip other conversations later on. For example, when you use a fishing rod without being near water, you get a message from Professor Rowan. If you trigger this from your glitched menu storage (the bread), then you will skip any cutscene or conversation that you find yourself in. Oh, it can also help you go through walls, so you can run through an out-of-bounds void to the Elite Four rather than collect the gym badges.

The speed at which the glitches have been discovered is incredible. Just a few weeks ago, we spoke to Pokemon speedrunner Werster (when the record was 37 minutes), and he was talking about how useful a storage and out-of-bounds glitch would be. Fast forward to today, and we can see just how much it's paid off.

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