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Pokemon: 10 Tips For Breeding And Raising The Perfect Blastoise

Of the three Kanto starters, Blastoise seems to be the weird middle child between Charizard and Venusaur. While Charizard is easily one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise and Venusaur is regularly being given buffs in the form of new moves or its Mega Form, Blastoise seems to always be falling behind when it comes to its battle capabilities.

That’s not to say that it isn’t useful, as it being a Water-type makes it a consistently good team member on just about any team coupled with its very impressive defensive stats and decent move pool.

10 Where To Find It

Until The Isle of Armor expansion, Blastoise and its pre-evolutions were only available via a limited time Raid event, but following the release of the first expansion, players could obtain one from the Master Dojo after completing enough of the DLC story. Players are given the option of either a Bulbasaur or Squirtle as a gift Pokemon, with the clear implication that, when Leon was a part of this dojo, he took the Charmander for himself. You can also find a Gigantamax Blastiose inside the den in Workout Sea, on the same island where the various Rotom forms are found.

9 Ability

Like all other Water-type starters, Blastoise’s main ability is Torrent, which increases the damage of its Water-type attacks by 50% when its health falls into the red zone. While this ability isn’t bad by any means, it’s definitely worth having something else if a Pokemon has the option, particularly since Blastoise’s offensive stats aren’t really good enough to take full advantage of it. This ability can, however, be combined with certain berries, Choice items, or Life Orb to increase the damage output, but in general, it’s hidden ability is probably better.

8 Hidden Ability

Before Sword & Shield, finding a Pokemon with its hidden ability was a chore and often meant spending extended periods of time battling the same Pokemon over and over again until it was found. Generation eight saught to fix this by making rare Raid Dens have an increased chance of the Pokemon inside having its hidden ability, which includes Blastoise and Venusaur.

Blastoise’s hidden ability, Rain Dish, goes perfectly with its high defensive stats, as it means it can constantly regenerate health during the Rain and keep itself active for longer. This ability is also paired well with Leftovers and Aqua Ring to further increase health regeneration, though using both is probably overkill.

7 Who You Can Breed It With

As a Water-type, Blastoise can breed with a huge number of Pokemon in the game, as the Water-type is the most common elemental type in the series. As well as the Water 1 egg group, which holds all of the other Water-type starters, as well as common Pokemon such as Pelipper and Golduck, it can also breed with the Monster egg group. This group widens its available breeding partners quite substantially and includes the likes of Charizard, Venusaur, Nidoking, and several Dragon-type Pokemon including Haxorus and Druddigon.

6 IV Focus

If you aren’t able to get your hands on a Ditto with maximum IV values and a Destiny Knot, it’s quite difficult to get the most out of a bred Pokemon without the use of Bottle Caps. If you only have access to Bottle Caps to increase Blastoise’s IV’s then the focus should be on its defense and special defense, as these are its highest overall stats and well help it stay in battle for longer. Special attack is also worth investing in, since the majority of Blastoise’s best attacks are special, though there are several coverage moves that are physical such as Bulldoze, the damage output in those moves isn’t the main focus of their usage.

5 EV Spread

When it comes to EV’s for Blastoise, there are several decent options. The most obvious would be maximum investment in speed and special attack, though, without access to its Mega Evolution, this spread isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. Considering its low speed and high defensive stats, it could be better to invest heavily in either defense or special defense, with the remaining points going into smaller increases in special attack and HP. This all comes down to Blastoise’s role on the team, as it can be used equally effectively as both a special attacking tank or a supporting role with minimal damage output.

4 Egg Moves

Blastoise’s egg moves are fairly shallow in terms of diversity, with the majority being Water or Ice-type, but there are some great options that are worth looking at when breeding for moves. The most obvious option is Water Spout, which can be learned by breeding one with a Wailmer or Wailord that knows the move, as it is one of the highest damage Water-type moves in the game.

Blastoise can also learn great moves like Fake Out through the Ludicolo line and Aqua Jet through the Golduck, Kabutops, Carracosta, Clawitzer, or Primarina evolutionary line. Both of these moves are great additions even on a special attack focused Pokemon, since their main function isn’t to deal the maximum amount of damage and offsets Blastoise’s poor speed.

3 Natures

Due to the base stats on Blastoise, there are several good natures that work on one, depending on its role on a team. A special attack focused Blastoise should be either Modest or Timid to make sure it can deal the most damage with moves like Hydro Pump and Ice Beam, while defensive strategies can make do with Bold or Calm natures to increase its defense or special defense while still maintaining damage output. Natures that should be avoided are any that lower special attack, such as Jolly or Adamant, unless you are intending to use one as a physical attacker, which isn’t recommended.

2 TM and Tutor Moves

For a Water-type, Blastoise has quite a deep move pool, though it unfortunately can’t use the Bolt-Beam strategy for maximum type coverage. While it can learn obvious coverage moves such as Ice Beam, it also has access to the likes of Zen Headbutt, Bulldoze, Icy Wind, Helping Hand, and Dark Pulse. With the Isle of Armor move tutor, it can also learn the new Water-type variation of U-turn, called Flip Turn, which has the same effect but with lower damage output, as well as Terrain Pulse.

1 Perfect Partners

As a Water-type, Blastoise needs to make sure there are team members who can take a good Electric-type attack when the need calls for it, particularly with the introduction of Regieleki in the game. Ground-type Pokemon are the obvious choice, but they suffer from also being weak to Grass-type Pokemon along with Blastoise. A Pokemon with Lightning Rod or Volt Absorb could also work in the team’s favor to take Electric-type attacks for no damage. On doubles teams, either Pelipper, Politoed, or Kyogre should be used to set up Rain with the Drizzle abilities, as this not only boosts Blastoise’s damage with Water-type attacks but also lets it use the Rain Dish ability more consistently.

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