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PlayStation Trophies Are Getting Revamped For PS5

If you’ve been a PlayStation owner for the past two generations then you’re familiar with how Trophies work. Well, throw away some of that knowledge because Sony is shaking things up.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony detailed how trophies will be doled out from now on. They’ve completely revamped how Trophy levels are calculated, added new tiers of Trophy levels, and even put in additional icons for you to stare at on the PlayStation 5.

The way your Trophy level is calculated is now very different from how it was before. The current range for levels is between 1 to 100. This new range will be expanded significantly. Under this new method of calculation, bronze will be between 1 to 299, silver will be between 300 to 599, and gold will be between 600 to 998. Meanwhile, platinum will remain a single level reserved for elite PlayStation gamers that’s reached once you’ve hit a score of 999.

In addition to this change, bronze, silver, and gold will now all be split into three different tiers. Each tier will come with a different icon denoting what level you’re in. So you’ll get a plain old bronze icon if you’re in the first tier, while the icon for bronze tier 3 looks considerably swankier.

How you progress through these levels will be determined by which Trophies you earn. Acquiring platinum trophies will increase your level more rapidly than grabbing a bunch of easy bronze ones. The early levels will also be easier to go through so PlayStation owners can get out of bronze quicker.

If you were worried about losing all your current Trophy progress when switching from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Sony confirmed in this post that all Trophy progress from previous consoles will carry over. However, your current Trophy level will be adjusted in accordance with this new metric. So if your level right now is at 12, then your new level will be somewhere in the 200s. That’s quite a jump.

While this change is being made in anticipation of the new console generation, this update will be coming prior to the launch of the Playstation 5. In fact, it will be enabled tonight for North American Playstation owners and tomorrow for those in Europe. So don’t freak out if your Trophy level looks a little different.

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