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PlayStation 5 leaked images suggest console has custom, swappable outer shell

Get excited, gamers; it looks like the PlayStation 5 leaks are going to start coming thick and fast.

Just last week, we heard that Sony is taking steps to ensure that PlayStation 5 production will be ramped up to meet gamer demands when it launches later this year – and now it looks like we're getting some of our first looks at the console itself direct from the supply line.

New leaked images have been published to a Chinese forum that suggest the white plates on either side of the PS5 will be removable – and that they don't necessarily have to be white.

The images are apparently from a factory making the consoles ahead of the PS5 launch 'Holiday 2020'. As authentic as the images look, Sony has yet to announce the customisable nature of the PS5 so take this with a pinch of salt for now.

This isn't the first we've heard of a PlayStation 5 being customisable, either.

After the console's initial announcement, a lot of players wished that the machine would also come in black – the now traditional PlayStation colour.

But in lieu of any formal announcements from Sony, PlayStation’s VP of UX Design Matt MacLaurin has been sharing more information about Sony's plans for the hardware via LinkedIn.

"[We will] definitely be seeing some special editions" he wrote on the site, before adding “[PS5] is also customisable in ways previous gens weren't.”

What this means remains to be seen – will we be able to get faceplates, a la the Xbox 360, to change the physical appearance of the machine, or will we be able to customise the colour of the lights that glow in the vents of the console?

From what we've seen so far, it could be both!

A Sony spokesperson recently stated that the company would give players plenty of notice before pre-orders go live, ensuring everyone has an equal chance to reserve their console ahead of its unannounced release date.

Speaking to Geoff Keighley today during a Summer Games Fest stream last week, Sony’s Worldwide Head of Marketing Eric Lempel stated that Sony knows gamers are keen hear more about pre-orders, and that the company is aware of the demand (via IGN ).

We're expecting an update from Sony about the PlayStation 5 price and a more solid release date soon.

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