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Players Discuss The Most Overpowered Weapons And Abilities In Games

If you've played the first Assassin's Creed, you'll know the thrill of chaining twenty counters on an army of city guards, one-shotting each in a nearly-ordered queue of to-be-dead baddies. Games are stock full of overpowered moves, weapons, gadgets, and abilities, which this Reddit thread explores those broken tools in more detail.

"Bit of a deep cut, but there was a RoboCop Vs Terminator game on the MegaDrive, typical side-scroller shoot 'em up," OlDirtyBAStart wrote. "At the very start of the first level, if you went left instead of right and hopped over a barrier, you could find the best weapon in the game with infinite ammo. Made the whole game completely trivial."

Aside from deep cuts, commenters mention beloved fantasy RPGs like Fable and its infamous Infernal Wrath/Divine Fury area of attack, decimating anyone in the vicinity. Or maybe you've picked up the mini-nuke launcher in Fallout, a hand cannon capable of obliterating anything that walks into your line of sight, usually including yourself. Or what about the Black Knight weapons in Dark Souls? If the RNG gods are on your side, they can make the early game a cakewalk.

Half-Life 2 has a whole section dedicated to handing you an overpowered weapon. It's right at the end of the game as you explore the Citadel, serving as a reward for your bloodthirsty triumph up until that point. The Gravity Gun gets a neat little upgrade, turning from orange to blue, and it can suddenly pick up people, fling giant objects, and manipulate energy orbs. You're unstoppable.

Other mentions include Metal Gear Solid's tranquilisers, Nier: Automata's auto-chips, the EMP car in Sleeping Dogs, Resident Evil's many RPGs, the biotic charge in Mass Effect, GTA Online's Oppressor MK 2, and Worms' Holy Hand Grenade. Lob that into a cluster of worms and you've won.

Or if you're willing to sink a little more time, Ratchet & Clank has a variation of the RYNO in each game, usually nabbed with a boat load of bolts or some other completionist checklist quest. These beasts normally steamroll final bosses, let alone normal enemy fodder.

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