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Players Discuss Scariest Video Game Moments

We've all been scared by a video game before. Whether it was watching PewDiePie playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, or having a go on Slender Man around your friend's house, there are loads of terrifying moments in video games. The players of Reddit have banded together to discuss which moments have stayed with them the longest.

The person who posed the question answered with, "that giant trenchcoat wearing motherfucker silently marching toward you relentlessly in Resident Evil 2 gave me anxiety that made my actual life anxiety seem adorable in comparison." Resident Evil games do be scary.

One person wrote that hearing the footsteps of the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation as it chased them used to send shivers down their spine. Understandable, as if that beast caught you meant instant death.

Babies are pretty creepy, especially if you can hear one laughing even though you know you don't have a kid. So, it's no surprise that someone chose the big baby chase in the basement in Resident Evil Village as their answer.

Sometimes, glitches can cause unintentional horror. "Some undead Redguard in TESO that pulled a The Ring from the far end of a longhouse. Playing in first person. I nearly fell over backwards in my chair, it was in my face so fast, and in the creepiest manner possible."

Some players got a bit meta with it. "Dying in a rpg and forgetting when the last time you save was. That shit terrifying." They're not wrong, that's why you always save your Pokemon game in the middle of a Pokemon Centre twice before turning off your Game Boy.

Continuing the meta and the Pokemon theme was this answer that a lot of us naughty kids can relate to. "The moment when you'll be caught by your mom at 1 am 'cause you tey to beat the League Master in Pokémon and you have around 0,0003 s to hide your Nintendo DS under your blanket, without make the mistake to accidentally turn the sound on…"

Check out the original post to see if your scariest gaming moment is mentioned.

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