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Players Discuss Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play For 5 Minutes

Usually when someone is eyeing up a new game to get lost in, one of the selling points will be an in-depth story that will unfold over days, if not weeks of your life. Something so enthralling that you can sink hours into it without realizing how much time has passed. That isn't what everyone wants from a game though, at least not all their games. Sometimes you only have a few minutes to spare, and players have been sharing what they quickly load up on Nintendo Switch when in that situation.

The Reddit thread asking for recommendations of games that only take up five minutes of your time was started by trowzerss and has sparked a long and lively conversation. The OP clarifies that this is not the same as recommendations for short games, but games you can load up quickly, play for a few minutes, and then put back down because you're needed elsewhere.

They kick things off with a few recommendations of their own. Slay the Spire and Animal Crossing make their list, although they admit the second is a stretch because of how long it takes to get from opening the game to actually playing it. There are a few recommendations throughout the thread that run the same sort of risk, such as Pokemon Unite which will technically have you playing for longer than five minutes, even if you only have one match.

If you plan on perusing the thread for recommendations you'll be playing yourself in five-minute bursts, then the title that tops the bill appears to be Into The Breach. Each round of Into The Breach puts you in a futuristic battle against aliens, but the scenario is randomly generated offering up a different challenge each time. As its multiple inclusions in the thread above implies, each round lasts less than five minutes and unless you fall into the “just one more” trap, you can be in and out pretty quickly.

The thread is a long one that is still being added to at the time of typing this. Tetris 99 is a strong recommendation for its short and intense rounds, and both Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Super Mario 3D World make the cut for their relatively short levels. The thread is one of many recommending games to people for a pretty cool reason right now. Others include games that can easily be played with one hand, and another that tasks people with remembering games from their childhood they can't imagine anyone else would have heard of.

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