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Play Out Alexander The Great’s Legacy In New Imperator: Rome Heirs of Alexander Content Pack

Paradox Development Studio and publisher Paradox Interactive recently announced a legion of new content for their classical world grand strategy game Imperator: Rome. The Heirs of Alexander content pack leads the phalanx of new content, with the 2.0 ‘Marius’ free major update following in tight formation.

The Heirs of Alexander content pack is available now from the Paradox Store and Steam for just $9.99. It’ll be arriving at GOG, as well, but is still currently listed as ‘coming soon’. If you don’t yet have it, the base Imperator: Rome and the Deluxe Edition are currently on sale at Steam for $9.99 and $13.74 respectively until February 18.

According to the announcement, the Heirs of Alexander content pack features missions centered on the historical events of the Wars of the Diadochi that took place between 322 and 275 BC. Before he died (mysteriously) in 323 BC., the great Alexander had not named a successor to his immense empire. After his death, his generals discussed, debated, and soon fell into bloody dispute over which one of them should be the empire’s new ruler. The Wars of the Diadochi spanned over four individual wars and nearly 50 years, ultimately concluding after the Gallic Invasion was defeated.

The Heirs of Alexander content pack allows you to grand strategy wargame through this tumultuous period of history, and includes unique “mission objectives for the Antigonid Empire in Anatolia, Seleucid Empire in Asia, Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt, Macedonia and Thrace.” There is also a single Diadochi-themed shared mission available to all of the Successor Kingdoms. A new Wonder design tool is also included, along with new historically-authentic Events, Hellenistic gods, goddesses, and artifacts, and three new music tracks.

The 2.0 ‘Marius’ update should already be applied to your base game, bringing with it a set of Diadochi War Goals, changes to Inventions and Military Traditions, and the new Engineer cohort unit. You can now also create Legions, draft Levies from your provinces, and read the military histories of your Legions and Mercenary Units as they get written over the course of the unit’s lifetime. More info can be found in the Marius Update Tutorial: Economy and Trade Rebuilt dev blog recently posted to the Imperator: Rome Steam community page.

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