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Play As A Young Girl Whose Father Is Death In Point-And-Click Adventure Prim

If you’re in need of a fix of Tim Burton-styled visuals, then point-and-click adventure, Prim may have enough big-eyed characters to scratch your itch. Protagonist Prim’s father is none other than Death, and we don’t think you could get any closer to the director’s style than that.

Developer Common Colors has offered a monochromatic plate of haunting, hand-drawn animations within the 2D adventure. An 18-minute look at gameplay by Alpha Beta Gamer flaunts the game’s eye-catching shading in its artistry, and perhaps shows a little too much of the protagonist’s pet spider eyeball. Its gothic horror fantasy is directly inspired by Burton’s animations, including Corpse Bride, and it shows in every frame.

Prim’s premise follows the titular protagonist as she experiences dreams of a human boy calling for aid. Prim’s father – Thanatos, the Greek god of death (similar to the Grim Reaper) – has forbidden her travel to the Realm of the Living, but her curiosity begins a tug of war between the land of the living and the dead as she jumps from one realm to the other. Prim also tells a coming-of-age story for the protagonist, and the natural conflicts of a father-daughter relationship. The constant Halloween backdrop is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t distract from the humanity at the heart of the game – despite its main characters being anything but human.

Prim presents around six to eight hours of immersive gameplay within a beautifully illustrated narrative and easy one-click interface. You will also be able to control multiple characters throughout the game, as well as take part in a laid-back experience with the game’s hint system, hot-spots, and fast-travel. All of these aspects are accompanied by an apt orchestral soundtrack and a deck-building minigame to indulge in and keep progression interesting. Prim’s demo is available to play on Steam and its full release is expected sometime in 2022.

Another Burton-esque title is the lovable Little Nightmares 2. The sequel is due to arrive on February 11, but just like Prim, its demo is also up for grabs right now on PS4 and Xbox One. The second title in the franchise introduces new characters Mono and Six as they explore the demo’s setting, “The Wilderness”, while trying to keep away from the “bloodthirsty” antagonist The Hunter.

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