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PewDiePie Announces He’s Taking A Break From YouTube

Today, on PewDiePie’s channel, the YouTuber announced that he is “taking some time off to chill,” following his fundraiser event. This will mark the second break he’s had in 10 years. Prior to this, he was posting videos daily for over a decade, so some time off seems warranted.

The 31-year-old Felix Kjellberg told his fans numerous times that he would be taking a break at some point in 2021 and, after the rough start to the year, it’s no surprise that it’s this early in, “I feel like it’s fair. Any other job you get holidays and I don’t do that. And this year has been pretty crazy. It’s good for my mental health.”

However, it’s not all upsetting news for his community, as he also revealed that he and his fans managed to raise nearly $1 million through Member and Donation revenue for Red Nose Day, Movember, Papyrus, Blue Ocean Foundation, Save The Children Lebanon, and Winstons Wish.

It’s unclear when PewDiePie will be back on the platform, but a break is more than warranted – too many YouTubers put daily uploads above their mental health, and the top channel taking steps to address that hopefully sets a standard going forward – the fans can live a little while without their favorite creators.

His last break started on January 15 2020 but he came back only a month later on February 21. On his Minecraft stream that took place on January 5 of this year, he told his fans that he wasn’t sure how long his vacation would be, “I might not stream for a while either, just to take some full time off, and come back fully charged. So I’ll be offline for a week, two weeks, maybe three weeks, I don’t know. I know it’s kind of a ball-buster to end here, but I don’t really take breaks and I feel like I just need it.”

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