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Personal Trainer Creates Exercise Regimes Based On Game Characters

Have you ever wondered how your favorite game characters manage to stay in shape? The company eBuyer has partnered with personal trainer Mike Harle to put together workout regimes for the Incredible Hulk, Lara Croft, Luke Skywalker, Mario, and Thor. “But don't try these at home!”

eBuyer is an electronics retailer based in East Yorkshire that was founded in 1999. Harle is the owner and operator of the Frontrow Gym in Yarm.

“Just how much does the Hulk need to eat daily? Is there more to Lara Croft’s routine than crawling around ancient tombs? How come Mario can jump so high, yet look like he devours a full English breakfast each morning? What did Thor need to do after Endgame to get back his god bod?”

“Well, here at eBuyer, our team’s been pondering all these questions and more, so much so that we set out to discover exactly what some of our favorite gaming characters would need to eat and do in order to stay in shape when they’re not saving the world.”

The workout regimes range from relatively realistic to incredibly outlandish. Lara Croft falls into the former category. She needs to be “strong, yet flexible with plenty of athletic and gymnastic prowess to overcome her foes. That means developing a healthy level of muscle without bulking up.” Her workout is all about cardiovascular and “bodyweight training that works large groups of muscles simultaneously without the use of additional weights and exercise machines.”

When it comes to food, eBuyer has Lara Croft pretty much pegged. “Lara is spoiled for choice. With her vast pockets of wealth, she can afford the best food from around the world, meaning she’ll have no trouble eating well while tailoring her diet to perfectly complement her workout.” Sounds like she dines with a silver spoon.

While you could probably keep up with Lara Croft, the same can’t be said about the Incredible Hulk. You would “need to eat a literal skip load of food each day to maintain body mass,” according to eBuyer. The sort of strongmen who “pull lorries for fun” provide the best analogies in this particular case. “Strongmen need to train their entire body to be capable of performing the feats of physical strength required in their competitions. Not only does this involve a variety of strenuous weightlifting exercises, but also explosive bursts of cardiovascular training.”

Strongmen have to store an incredible amount of energy. “The average strongman needs a minimum of 10,000 calories a day to maintain muscle mass. The requirements for the Hulk dwarf this. Literal liters of protein shakes are the order of the day as well as copious amounts of lean meats and a healthy dose or two of mixed nuts, berries, and fruits.” In other words, the Incredible Hulk would be stuffing his face all day long.

While your favorite game characters would have pretty extreme workout regimes, we can’t all be like Lara Croft and the Incredible Hulk. The only thing you really have to do in order to stay in shape is to eat right and exercise.

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