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Persona 5 Strikers: Trophy Guide

For those looking to fully complete Persona 5 Strikers and mop up every last trophy that the game has to offer and earn that coveted Platinum Trophy, you will need to play through more than once as some trophies are only unlocked in New Game+.

Quite a lot of the trophies are missable, and some of the content is tied to events on specific in-game dates, similar to previous Persona games. Fear not though, we’ve got a full guide here so that you don’t miss out on a single trophy.

Trophy List

  • True Phantom Thief: Earned all trophies. — Story related.
  • Cage of Lust Closed: Completed the Shibuya Jail. — Story related.
  • Cage of Vanity Conquered: Completed the Sendai Jail. — Story related.
  • Cage of Gluttony Torched: Completed the Sapporo Jail. — Story related.
  • Cage of Desolation Condemned: Completed the Okinawa Jail. — Story related.
  • Cage of Wrath Collapsed: Completed the Kyoto Jail. — Story related.
  • Cage of Arrogance Cracked: Completed the Osaka Jail. — Story related.
  • Humanity’s Companion: Completed the Jail of the Abyss. — Story related.
  • Walk Your Own Path: Completed the Tree of Knowledge. — Story related.
  • Back in Business: Witness the Phantom Thieves’ reunion. — Story related.
  • Farewell to the Past: Wolf awakened his Persona. — Story related.
  • A Newfound Heart: Sophia found strength of heart. — Story related.
  • It’s Showtime!: Activated Showtime. — Will unlock the first time you activate Showtime.
  • Seeker of Power: Used Incense. — You will receive various Incense items throughout the game, either from chests or rewards from requests, and using one will unlock this trophy.
  • Unshakeable Teamwork: Performed an All-Out Attack 150 times. — Every time you hit an enemy’s weakness, you will deplete its down gauge, and eventually, the enemy will be knocked down. A button prompt will appear that will let you perform an All-Out Attack. Doing this 150 times will unlock the trophy.
  • Know Your Enemy: Hit the enemy’s weakness 300 times. — Most enemies have a weakness to a certain element or type of attack. You can see their weaknesses by using Analysis or when you are about to use a Persona attack. Striking an enemy’s weakness 150 times will unlock this trophy. However, this only counts once per encounter, so spamming spells that an enemy is weak to during a single battle won’t increase the count towards this trophy.
  • Phantom Striker: Defeated 200 enemies with a Phantom Dash. — Phantom Dash moves are the attacks you make when on top of certain items in the environment, such as cars, chandeliers, sword piles, etc. Defeating 200 enemies in this manner will unlock this trophy.
  • All That Glitters: Defeated 10 Treasure Demons. — You will encounter at least one Treasure Demon as part of the set storyline, which will introduce you to the mechanics of these fights. You only have 30 seconds to defeat Treasure Demons. Defeating 30 will earn you the trophy. You can level up the Treasure Hunter Bond skill to increase the encounter rate for Treasure Demons.
  • Death Defied: Defeated the Reaper. — The Reaper is a secret boss that only appears when certain requirements have been fulfilled. You must have finished the main storyline, defeated all Jail bosses again as part of the Painful Past requests, defeated all Dire Shadows in all Jails, defeated the stronger version of all Jail bosses as part of the Painful Past+ requests, and then finally the request involving the Reaper will be offered. The Reaper is found at the very end of the Okinawa Jail.
  • Mask Connoisseur: Complete the Inmate Registry. — This trophy is awarded for obtaining all Personas, but it can only be done in New Game+ as the final Persona is only available then. Additionally, other Personas can only be obtained by fulfilling certain requests that give their fusion items.
  • Best Friend: Maxed out a BOND skill level. — See “Eternal Bonds” trophy.
  • Eternal Bonds: Maxed out all BOND skill levels. —  To do this you need to unlock all Bond skills and upgrade them all to the max level. Some of the level cap increases are tied to completing requests. You’ll also need plenty of points to spend on upgrades, earned from raising your Bond level. There are lots of ways to raise your Bond level throughout the game, but you’ll still fall short by the end of the game. Fortunately, you can repeat the request for the Strong Shadow in the final dungeon in the game and that gives a decent amount of Bond experience each time. Grind this boss out to get enough points.
  • Eye for Talent: Spent Persona Points to strengthen a Persona’s stats. — Not to be confused with the Persona Enhancement option available from the start of the game where you can level your Personas up using points. Later on in the game, you will have the option to level up specific stats for your Personas, and doing this will unlock this trophy.
  • Knife in the Dark: Perform 50 ambushes. —  You can sneak up behind enemies and ambush them while in Jails. Do this 50 times to unlock this trophy.
  • Best of the Best: Trained all Phantom Thieves to level 70. — Level all characters up to level 70 to unlock. If you don’t have this by the end of the game, you should be fairly close and can grind out some of the repeatable requests such as defeating Dire Shadows to get some decent experience points.
  • What are Friends For? — Cleared all special requests from Phantom Thieves. — On certain dates, your fellow Phantom Thieves will make requests of you, and unlike the other requests, these do not appear automatically. You have to manually speak to them to unlock their requests. We have a full guide on requests here, and you should unlock this when you complete the final missable requests on August 24th.
  • Who Dares Wins: Defeated a Dire Shadow. — Each Jail has a rather difficult optional mini-boss within, they are shadows with electricity on them. You will be introduced to your first one in Sendai Jail but will be warned to stay away from it. You will not be able to defeat it at that point and should return when you are much higher level. Defeating your first one will unlock this trophy.
  • The Most Daring of All: Defeated all Dire Shadows. — There are eight Jails in total, so there are eight Dire Shadows to defeat in total. They are always found close to one of the checkpoints, but should not be attempted until the end of the game as they are very powerful. Defeating all of them will unlock this trophy.
  • Ultimate Trump Card: Obtained all Master Arts for Joker. —  See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Jolly Roger: Obtained all Master Arts for Skull. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Gentleman Thief: Obtained all Master Arts for Mona. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Flame Dancer: Obtained all Master Arts for Panther. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Peerless Blade: Obtained all Master Arts for Fox. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Fist of Justice: Obtained all Master Arts for Queen. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Sophisticated Lady: Obtained all Master Arts for Noir. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Technological Marvel: Obtained all Master Arts for Sophie. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Repentant Fang: Obtained all Master Arts for Wolf. — See “Master Thieves” trophy.
  • Master Thieves: Obtained all Master Arts for all characters. — All characters have four combos they can learn called “Master Arts”. These are visible under the Stats menu. Unlocking all four Master Arts for each character will earn their individual trophies, and unlocking all of those trophies will earn you the “Master Thieves” trophy. In order to unlock Master Arts, you must use that character in battle and the more you use them, the more Master Arts they will unlock.
  • A Helping Hand: Completed a request. — You will be given your first request from Futuba on August 2nd, and then you will have access to the request menu from the main menu or Hideout menu. Completing your first request and handing it in will earn you this trophy.
  • Those Who Heed the Call: Completed 50 requests. — We have a full guide on requests here. Some requests are entirely missable and others will become locked if you progress to the next area before completing them. Simply fulfilling the requirements does not complete requests, they must be manually handed in via the menu.
  • Item Sweeper: Obtained a total 200 items from the Jails. — The items required to unlock this trophy are the floating cubes/boxes found in Jails, simply collect 200 of these during your playthrough.
  • Short Order Cook: Cooked food for the first time. — You will unlock cooking on July 31st and as soon as you cook your first meal you will earn this trophy.
  • Master Chef: Cooked 12 types of food. — We have a full cooking recipe guide here. There are 19 recipes in total, but most are missable. In order to unlock this trophy, you need to cook 12 different recipes throughout your playthrough.
  • Impulse Buyer: Bought something during a limited time sale. — To unlock this you need to purchase something when it is on sale. This is done via Sophia’s online shop and it will be marked with a sale icon. This generally happens after you have completed one of the requests to expand Sohpia’s stock.
  • A Little Memento: Obtained a souvenir for the camper. — During your travels with your friends, there will be times that they will give you souvenir gifts from the area that you are visiting. This is not to be confused with the free items they randomly give you sometimes during conversations. These souvenirs are for the RV and are given during your last opportunity to explore an area, just before you leave to travel to the next location. Speak to all of your companions before you go, and one will give you a souvenir. For example, speaking to Yusuke on August 8th before you leave Sendai will earn you the Tanabata Decoration and will unlock this trophy.
  • Treasure Hunter: Opened 50 treasure chests. — There are multiple treasure chests hidden in each Jail, and opening 50 of them will unlock this trophy. Some chests will require you to have unlocked the Safecracker Bond skill, and others require this skill to have been leveled up even further.
  • No Looking Back: — Started New Game+ on Merciless difficulty. — Merciless difficulty is unlocked after completing the game. Simply starting a New Game+ on Merciless will unlock this trophy, so you don’t actually have to complete the game on Merciless.

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