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People Are Sharing Games They’ve Played Longer Than Liz Truss’ Time As Prime Minister

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation yesterday after just 44 days in office. Truss came to power just two days before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, taking the job from a man who was so universally despised that his own party forced him out of office. It didn’t take Truss long to acquire that same level of disgust. Although she inherited an energy and cost-of-living crisis, she decided the best way to handle that was to add a financial crisis into the mix by proposing a budget that spent billions in tax cuts for the wealthy. This sent the markets into turmoil and tanked the value of the pound.

With Truss gone, the Conservative party is now searching for a replacement. They might even bring back the guy who was such an enormous ass that they thought Truss looked good by comparison.

Beyond the political upheaval, the fact Truss lasted just 44 days in office makes her the shortest-serving Prime Minister in UK history. Her tenure was so short, in fact, that Sea of Thieves streamer Captain Daggers McTerrors calculated it to be around 1,056 hours and proposed an interesting game: "Name a game you've spent longer playing in hours than Liz Truss has spent being PM."

"For me, Sea of Thieves, Ark Survival Evolved, Skyrim, and more recently Grounded are pretty high up there," said McTerrors. Meanwhile, our own James Troughton put up over 1,700 hours in The Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve personally beaten Truss’s tenure in Borderlands 2, Destiny 2, Warframe, and if you can combine the entire franchise, the MechWarrior series.

The replies are full of great games that you can spend literal months playing. Europa Universalis 3, Stellaris, Civilization, Final Fantasy 14, Skyrim, Minecraft, Monster Hunter World, The Sims, World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, Left 4 Dead, Dragon Age, Starcraft 2, Elite Dangerous, and Diablo 2 are all here, and all of them might even do a better job of training the next UK Prime Minister than Liz Truss.

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