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People Are In A Long Virtual Queue To Play Control On Switch

Control just launched on Switch, and due to the power of the Nintendo Direct, the game’s servers can’t handle the influx of players.

For those who unaware, the graphically intensive Control has been optimized with a cloud version for the Nintendo Switch. This means that the game will be played through dedicated servers in the cloud rather than being installed on the system itself. This has quickly created problems for this TGA Game of the Year nominee.

Just like an MMO at launch, players are being placed in a queue, as the server is currently at capacity. The game thanks people for waiting, but Twitter user smurfee mcgee has reportedly been on this screen for 20 minutes to play the game, and they’re only halfway through the queue with 1088 people ahead of them.

Hopefully, when the kinks are ironed out, Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version can justify its $39.99 price tag. The package includes the game, and the DLC packs The Foundation and AWE, so this is the definitive version of Control for those who are intrigued by its sci-fi setting and gameplay.


This game is no stranger to controversy, as the original version of Control will not have a free upgrade to next-gen consoles, while the Ultimate Edition does. The people who played the game from the beginning feel short-changed, and with luck, those who decide to buy the cloud version on Switch won’t feel that way either.

Nintendo has been playing around with cloud-based technology for a while. In the same Nintendo Direct Mini, it was announced that Hitman 3 will be coming to the Switch via the cloud. In Japan, the Switch has dabbled in the past with Resident Evil VII and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey being playable on the system through the cloud. However, if players have to wait almost an hour to get into the game, then there’s a big issue.

If the technology succeeds on the Nintendo Switch, it could be a way for the outdated platform to contend with the PS5 and Xbox Series S | X. Imagine if we had the biggest titles like Call of Duty, Madden, and Watch DogsĀ running on the Switch through the cloud; there would be a sense of parity between all three major systems. It would be great to see Nintendo get current third party games again rather than ports of old PS3/Xbox 360 generation titles.

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