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Party Animals Announced, To Be Released In 2022

The title for this game couldn’t be more appropriate. Party Animals is a game that was just announced today during E3, and we’re all for it.

We’ve seen plenty of all brawl games out there, to be sure. One of the most popular of all includes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is one of the top games of all time. But we haven’t seen anything quite like Animal Party before. Talk about a bizarre twist on a fighting game.

Have you ever dreamed about playing as cute, adorable animals and then beating the hell out of each other? Your prayers have been answered. The Party Animals trailer features adorable little pals going to town by punching, shooting each other with the equivalent of a bow and arrow, electrocuting each other, and more. The game seems to be a brawling free-for-all, so you can take out all that pent up rage in an adorable way. It seems like there are a bunch of different locations to fight, so the game will also likely include diversity of maps for brawling.

We don’t have an exact release date yet for Party Animals, but we know it’s going to be coming to Game Pass sometime in 2022, so get ready to destroy each other in the most unique way.

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