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Parent Shares Bright Idea To Stop Kids Turning Your Xbox Off

A parent has taken to Reddit to show-off their innovative way of preventing their children from tampering with the appealingly bright Xbox One power button.

Video games enter our lives at different points. Chances are many of you reading this might not be able to pinpoint the exact time or how old you were when gaming first took hold. It might have been when you saw a parent playing something, or maybe even when you got a console of your own for the first time.

Even though some of those moments might have happened very early on in life, there’s definitely a limit as to how young a child can be before they can begin their video game training. A point in their life when handing them a controller would likely result in it getting thrown on the floor rather than used sensibly.

At that point, not only is it wise to keep your controllers out of arms reach, but the consoles themselves are also at risk. While some parents will have the luxury of keeping their consoles in a high and unreachable position, others might not have that option. For Xbox One owners with that problem, parent and reddit user Loplo_Fox has shared how they prevented their console from being messed with.

Loplo_Fox has placed their Xbox One inside of a mesh container. As can be seen in the photo above, their little one is stumped as to why they can no longer get to the shiny power button. Not only will its brightness be enticing to a child, but it also makes noises when pressed. The trouble is, the console powers down when that button is pushed. That could be disastrous for the player depending on what they’re doing at the time.

The mesh container not only allows the console to remain on show, but ventilation should also be unaffected which is more important than ever. No point stopping your kids from touching your Xbox One is it’s just going to sound like the jet engine that is the PS4. As for how long the mesh container will keep the invader out is something else entirely. Commenters on the post have also suggested putting tape over the power button, but also that a lack of power button just pushed their pesky kids to the disc eject button instead.

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