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Paramount’s Halo TV Show Will Debut March 24

Paramount's long-awaited Halo TV series will premiere on March 24.

Earlier in the week, Paramount confirmed that the first full trailer for its Halo TV series will debut during halftime at the AFC Championship Game. Although the full trailer hasn't been released yet, a short tease on the official Twitter account has shared another look at the show and revealed when it'll be debuting.

The trailer is mostly made up of footage to promote the AFC Championship Game, but has a small section at the end that tells viewers to catch the reveal trailer during halftime. A voiceover says, "Halo – a new series arrives March 24" and tells viewers when to catch the full trailer.

Up until now, the only date that has been given for the Halo show is a very vague "2022". Considering that we've only seen small snippets of the show so far and haven't even seen a full trailer yet, many assumed that we wouldn't be seeing Halo until further into the year. It's not clear if this is an accidental reveal and the date was supposed to be shared during the full trailer, but we now know when to expect Halo.

A live-action Halo series has been in the making for what feels like a lifetime now, originally being announced all the way back in 2013, with Stephen Spielberg originally attached as director. It's swapped hands several times since then, but it looks like the long wait is coming to an end.

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