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Overwatch Producer Says Map Selection, Tournament Modes Aren’t In Development

Don't go expecting any major Overwatch 2 shake-ups anytime soon. In a response to a fan question, Overwatch producer Jared Neuss confirms that there are currently no plans to implement map selection, a tournament mode, or hero drafts.

In the response, Neuss says that Overwatch 2 has too many "foundational issues" to address before getting to any big updates such as this, implying that we should lower our expectations for 2023. This comes as it's hinted that the story mode will be rolled out later in the year, suggesting that Blizzard is focussing on one change at a time.

This comment comes after a fan asked Neuss if the team could implement tournaments, map selection, and hero drafts (thanks, Overwatch Cavalry). The producer, however, makes it clear that this isn't happening anytime soon.

"There are enough foundational issues to address that I think features like this would come much later down the road," he says, suggesting that little talk has been had about these potential game modes.

When asked to elaborate on what these "foundational" issues are, Neuss explains that he is referring to balance issues in competitive play, particularly with players saying that it is either "roll or be rolled" in the current meta. And while this definitely isn't true for every match, I think many of us would agree that this has been a growing trend since Overwatch 2 launched.

However, that's not to say that all new features are being put on the back burner while Blizzard irons out these issues. As we reported yesterday, game director Aaron Keller revealed that Overwatch 2 is getting "several new and returning game modes" in 2023, hopefully making up for the somewhat lacklustre launch last year. It's not yet known what these modes will be.

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