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Overwatch 2’s Origami Charm Has An Incredibly Obvious Mistake

Another day, another Overwatch 2 issue. After a rocky launch over a month ago, players are still finding certain issues within the first person shooter like Battle Pass problems and game breaking bugs. This time around, someone has found an unusual issue with the Origami weapon charm.

A thread over on Reddit has pointed out that the Origami weapon charm is hanging from the wrong point. If you zoom onto the charm which resembles a folded paper crane, you will notice that one of the “wings” has a small metal hole where a chain should loop through. However, the charm is hanging from a chain attached to the “tail” end. Either this is an oversight on Blizzard’s behalf or someone is combining their love of tiny metalwork and paper folding.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Origami charm is not the only one with an issue. According to some comments in the thread, many of the charms in Overwatch 2 are of “extremely low quality”. A few players have pointed out that several of the charms have loops that do not align or contain chains that are far too large for the hole on the model. Several of the weapon charms also have odd placements. One comment points out that Mercy’s charm is situated “on top of the latch of a quick release panel”.

While some may argue that a misplaced chain or oddly placed charm may not seem like a big deal or that people are just “nitpicking”, you must consider the amount of time and money that people are spending on the game. Overwatch is one of the biggest online multiplayer franchises out there and some players have been spending crazy dollar amounts just to deck out their favorite characters and create an experience that will last for years.

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