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Overwatch 2’s Halloween Dog Portrait Barks If You Wave At It

Like many games at the moment, Overwatch 2 is celebrating Halloween. Aside from a number of spooky skins added to the game, there's also a new PvE mode for players to enjoy. One that includes a dog portrait that barks right back at anyone who manages to find the time to stop and wave at it.

OverwatchNaeri appears to have been the one who made the discovery, or is at least the first player to post evidence of it. The clip below shows them looking up at the dog portrait in Overwatch's Wrath of the Bride mode and giving it a little wave. Presumably to their surprise the first time they did it, a quick wave at the pooch prompted it to bark back.

A neat little easter egg for anyone who finds a second between fending off hordes of zombies in a new mode that feels a little like an Overwatch x Left For Dead crossover. It's a lot closer to the much-loved zombie game than the fake mobile spinoff that surfaced a while ago. The only downside to the Overwatch bark is it won't give you anything in return, over than the standard serotonin boost one gets from interacting with a dog, of course.

While Overwatch's reimagined Halloween event for the game's sequel appears to be pretty popular with players, the skins that have come with it are not. Not necessarily because they don't look good, but because of the lofty price tags attached. Since the sequel is free-to-play, Overwatch is relying on players spending in-game, hence the removal of the first game's lootboxes. However, some of the prices during its launch month have left players pretty unhappy.

Players labeling skins overpriced has been the least of Blizzard's worries during Overwatch 2's first few weeks. Its Halloween event has brought back the long wait times many suffered at launch, and the recent double XP weekend was a make-good for all of the other early issues. Not to mention the ongoing investigation into alleged sexual harassment and a toxic work culture behind the scenes at Activision Blizzard.

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