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Overwatch 2 patch notes: What’s new in Halloween Terror update

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Overwatch 2’s first major in-game event is finally here, as Halloween Terror goes live on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Halloween Terror adds the Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride co-op game mode, as well as a host of haunted skins, items and more. Needless to say, the launch of a new event coincides with the release of a brand new update, which according to the patch notes, makes a host of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. You can see the patch notes below.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror update bug fixes…


• Fixed an issue where players retained 30% ultimate charge between rounds on Control maps

• Fixed an issue with Control Point maps not always correctly transitioning to overtime

• Fixed the ‘vs.’ screen not appearing in Competitive

• Fixed an issue where players were unable to invite others to Custom Game via clicking an empty spectator slot

• Fixed an issue with text chat being unavailable to gamepad users on PC

• Using Pause Match in Custom Game will no longer disable other menu buttons

• Fixed an issue with Kill Cams not playing correctly during Overtime

• Players should no longer be able to get stuck under TS-1 in the Push game mode

Fixed an issue with controllers not being able to scroll on some UI


• Colosseo

 – Modified the umbrellas and tables in the forward spawn’s café so it’s easier to move around

 – Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the umbrellas in the forward spawn’s café

• Gibraltar

 – Fixed some areas in which players could get stuck

• Junkertown

 – Resolved a performance issue with some cannisters placed on the map

Overwatch 2: Launch trailer


• Ashe

 – Fixed an issue with the ‘Little Red’ skin and ‘Line Dance’ emote performing a broken animation

• Bastion

 – Bastion has been added back to the line up

 – Resolved an issue with Bastion’s Configuration: Artillery where you could fire more than the three allotted charges

 – Bastion’s weapon should no longer disappear when using Configuration: Artillery

• Junker Queen

 – Jagged Blade should no longer be deflected or returned by friendly abilities

• Kiriko

 – The ‘Tanpopo’ skin can now be purchased and equipped

 – Kiriko’s Heroic pose is now unlocked

 – Fixed an issue with Swift Step not clearing negative side effects consistently

 – Fixed an issue with Kitsune Rush not correctly reducing the cooldown of Baptiste’s Immortality Field

• Mei

 – Fixed a bug where Mei’s visual effects stopped playing during the match

• Mercy

 – Resolved an issue with Mercy’s primary fire animation looping after switching weapons

• Reinhardt

 – Modified the placement of Reinhardt’s Charms

• Roadhog

 – Fixed an issue where Roadhog’s Chain Hook failed to land the target when it should have hit

 – Fixed an issue with Roadhog’s quick melee animation not playing correctly

• Symmetra

 – Symmetra should no longer be able to use her ultimate and place her teleporter at the same time

• Torbjörn

 – Torbjörn has been added back to Competitive Play

 – Overload can no longer be used multiple times in succession

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