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Overwatch 2 Glitch Lets Hanzo Players Give Out Free Golden Weapons

There’s a bug out there that’s handing out free golden weapon skins to Overwatch 2 players, but you gotta let Hanzo almost kill you first. Normally, those golden weapon skins are only available to players who accumulate 3,000 Competitive Points in Overwatch 2’s competitive mode, but if you let Hanzo shoot you a few times, you don’t have to be a competitive pro.

Fans first started noticing the glitch several weeks ago when their in-game weapon skins suddenly turned golden. At first, nobody could figure out where they came from, but fans began to notice that it only happened in games with Hanzo. After a while, Overwatch players figured out that the bug required players to be shot with Hanzo’s arrow while he’s got his golden bow skin equipped.

The bug is detailed in full thanks to YouTuber Not Muda. The bug only works on certain characters–Echo can’t be given a golden bow from Hanzo, but Orisa, Ashe, Junkrat, Sombra, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Ana, Brigitte, and Mercy can. The bug works because Overwatch 2 bestows ownership of Hanzo’s arrow projectile to the target after being hit, and since that arrow has the golden skin, it overrides the player’s weapon skin to be the golden version too. It only works after getting the target down to low health, however, and you gotta survive Hanzo's arrow.

Muda noted a similar bug happened in Overwatch 1 that would actually change how Hanzo’s ultimate worked. Rather than come out of Hanzo’s bow, the helical dragons would come out of the target most recently struck by Hanzo’s arrow.

Fans are calling the bug Hanzo's Golden Virus, and it's been around for a few weeks already. It's likely that Blizzard considers it a low-priority fix given that it's entirely aesthetic and doesn't actually detract from gameplay, although some might find the sudden skin swap to be somewhat distracting.

A far more impactful bug is the one preventing Overwatch League viewers from receiving their promised reward perks. Two weeks after the delivery date, many players are still waiting for their Overwatch League 2022 skins to be delivered in-game. Overwatch League has since responded to complaints to say that all rewards will be delivered, it just might take a bit of time.

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